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5 The diet patterns that celebrities often do are dangerous

Watch out! 5 The diet pattern that is often done by celebrities is dangerous, don't imitate it! The following celebrity diet patterns are not good for your health. This is the explanation. Celebrities are role models for their fans. Whatever is done, used and said idolized celebrity, is something that many people emulate. Including the way, he lost weight. Celebrity diets are always busy being discussed so that not a few who join try what celebrities do to make their bodies ideal.

But you have to be careful, not all celebrity diets are safe. Not infrequently, what they display in the media and the public is just a product advertisement. It could be that he himself does not diet with these products.

In addition, keep in mind that celebrities have diet experts and personal diet consultants who can watch him on a diet. That's why the diet pattern that he does can succeed. However, if a layman is not necessarily successful. In fact, it can be dangerous because it is not accompanied by experts.

5 The diet patterns that celebrities often do are dangerous

Here is a diet of Hollywood celebrities that are harmful to health if followed.

Celebrity Diet 1: Diet tea (teatoxing)

Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears are celebrities who always use teatoxing in their diet patterns. Diet using this tea, is done to remove toxins in the body, beautify the skin, shrink the stomach, also lose weight. Health experts say a diet with teatoxing can be dangerous. Because, most teatoxing diet teas contain guarana and yerba mate, a type of plant that has high caffeine levels. Teatoxing also contains diuretics such as dandelion and laxatives that are not safe to consume more than once a week without a doctor's supervision.

Teatoxing makes people think they are losing weight. In fact, its function is only to reduce the water content in the body. Side effects of the diet with this tea are diarrhea, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and intestinal damage. We recommend that you avoid a diet with teatoxing.

Celebrity Diet 2: Diet Pills

Dietary pills that do not have a certificate from the FDA must be watched out. Most diet pills on the market promote fat burning and block the absorption of fat in the body. Some also suppress appetite and increase metabolism.

But, be careful with diet pills that offer weight loss in a short time. Because it's usually the most dangerous type of pill. There are people who die from consuming diet pills that make their weight drop dramatically in a short time. He experienced health complications after several months of taking diet drugs, and his weight dropped in a short time.

We never know what chemicals are put in diet pills or capsules sold. Don't be lulled by a slim appointment in a short time, because your health and your life are at stake.
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