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Bad breath, Know the Cause and Prevention

Bad breath, Know the Cause and Prevention. Bad breath is caused by the habit of taking care of teeth and mouth that is less precise, coupled with not taking care of it regularly. The type of food you consume also has an effect, in addition to the unhealthy lifestyle that you usually unknowingly go through. All foods you consume, especially sharp-flavored foods, such as garlic, play a role in causing the smell of bad breath. Remnants of food left in the mouth contributed to give a bad smell in the mouth. If you do not brush your teeth and use dental floss regularly, food remains will be left in between teeth. It can increase bacterial growth in teeth, tongue, and gums. This is what causes bad breath.

Habits That Trigger Bad Mistiness

There are some bad habits that make the mouth smell bad. The habits are: 

Bad breath, Know the Cause and Prevention

Lack of oral hygiene

As already mentioned above, poor oral hygiene is very easy to make the mouth smells unpleasant. When the condition of the mouth is contaminated by food scraps, a transparent layer is formed called plaque which is where the bacteria develop. To prevent this, brush your teeth regularly after eating. Brush your tongue also to control bad breath. Use dental floss to clean up the remains of food on the sidelines of teeth that are not covered by a toothbrush as part of efforts to maintain oral health. Also check your teeth regularly to the dentist to minimize the risk of oral disease. Your doctor may suggest gargling with a potent mouthwash that kills bacteria from plaque buildup.

Smoking Habit

Cigarettes are another cause of bad breath. Smoking habits not only damage the lungs but also create stains on teeth and gum irritation. Furthermore, this condition can develop into a toothache and gingivitis. Both of these factors cause bad breath.

Effects on a diet

Diet by reducing carbohydrates can also be the cause of bad breath. When carbohydrates are deficient, the body will naturally break down the fat. Then formed a chemical called ketones. This substance can cause bad breath.

Eat sharp-flavored foods

Some foods with the usual spicy-flavored herbs leave a bad odor in the mouth. So is the consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages. To avoid bad breath, please avoid these foods and drinks.


There are other causes that make the mouth smell unpleasant, the health condition in general. When experiencing a dry mouth which means lack of saliva, bacteria become more easily developed and eventually generate bad breath. Unhealthy digestive conditions can cause bad breath. Examples are bacterial infections of the stomach and small intestine. Other diseases that also potentially create bad breath are diabetes, bronchitis, sinusitis, lung disease, tonsillitis, and sinusitis.


The drugs you are taking can also cause bad breath, such as tranquilizers, chemotherapy drugs, and chest pain relievers due to the reduced blood supply to the heart. Among the above causes, bad breath occurs due to lack of oral hygiene. The problem is, so far many people think that brushing teeth is enough to clean the teeth while preventing bad breath. However, in addition to brushing your teeth, using mouthwash can help you get healthy teeth and mouth and avoid disease. Use mouthwash regularly every day to maintain oral health. Regular use of mouthwash in the morning after breakfast and at night before bedtime can prevent plaque caused by food scraps and odors arising from sharp-flavored foods in between teeth. 

You can choose to use the mouthwash containing essential oils. A study proves that mouthwash containing essential oils is more effective against plaque-causing germs, inhibiting plaque development. and reduce gingivitis. The risk of having bad breath will always hit, especially if you have bad habits that can interfere with oral health. As a precaution, there is nothing wrong to use mouthwash as part of efforts to maintain oral hygiene. You are also advised to maintain a healthy mouth area and find out how to cope with bad breath.
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