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Dry Skin Does not Become a Specter Again, Prove Itself Here

Dry Skin Does not Become a Specter Again

Dry Skin Does not Become a Specter Again, Prove Itself Here. Ever experience dry skin until cracked? It certainly is very disturbing appearance and confidence, is not it? Moreover, the appearance of the dry skin can be accompanied by itching, redness, and rough on the surface. Treatment for dry skin may not be limited to caring for the skin; it should also take into account the surrounding air conditions and the way you choose the right clothes. Dry skin conditions can arise due to various causes, including weather, heat temperature, sun exposure, soap, and certain detergents. Various conditions of the disease can also cause dry skin, namely eczema, and psoriasis. Old age, living in a dry environment or having low humidity can also increase the risk of dry skin.

Regardless of the cause, dry skin should be treated. To treat dry skin, you can do the following things.

Avoid showering with water that is too hot

Hot water can quickly reduce the oil on the skin as a natural moisturizer. Bathing using warm water becomes a wiser choice. Even so, you are also not advised to take the long shower when using warm water, which limits only 5-10 minutes. After the shower, pat the towels on the body and do not get too dry skin. After that, try to apply the body moisturizer.

Use a scent free cleanser and toner

If you have dry skin, make it a habit to use aroma-free soaps, alcohols, or antibacterial and deodorant additives. Choose a mild soap that has been added oil and fat. Avoid choosing facial cleansers with hard ingredients.

Dry Skin Does not Become a Specter Again, Prove Itself Here
Dry Skin Does not Become a Specter Again

Use sunscreen and moisturizer

Protect skin using a sunscreen containing SPF at least 15. Also, make it a habit to use a moisturizer. In choosing a moisturizer, try to contain ingredients that are moisturizing ceramide and relieve dry skin and hyaluronic acid that helps the skin retain water. The content of lanolin and petroleum jelly can also help retain water previously absorbed by the skin during a bath.

Treatment at night

Skin care is not only needed during the day but also at night when you sleep. Before going to bed, apply moisturizer on the skin, thicker than usual. The length of night sleep also provides a longer time for the moisturizer to further seep into the skin.

Protect skin from cold air

Cold air can reduce skin moisture and eventually make skin dryness. When the weather is cool, make sure you always use a moisturizer for the skin and strive to protect the body from cold temperatures. Wear thicker clothes if you want to leave the house. If necessary, use additional protectors, such as hats, socks, and sweatshirts.


Exfoliation or exfoliation on dry skin will remove dead skin. That way, moisturizer can sink in better. To be considered, differentiate dry skin exfoliation with other skin types. In dry skin, exfoliation should be done gently using soft equipment as well, such as using a soft cloth or baking soda that has been processed in the form of pasta. Do it one to two times a week. Avoid using pumice or loofah because the surface is too rough and this equipment is a good place for breeding germs and bacteria. Preferably, dry skin should not be silenced. Perform routine maintenance in the way as above to keep skin healthy and beautiful, and to avoid you from additional skin problems other. Consult your doctor when your dry skin has redness, itching that interferes with sleep, open sores or infections, or exfoliates in large areas.
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