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Pelvic Anatomy Determining How to Deliver

Pelvic Anatomy Determining How to Deliver. In labor, the fetal outflow of the uterus is affected by the shape and size of the female pelvis. In addition, the presence or absence of soft tissue in the pelvis may also affect the condition of a woman who may give birth normally. Pregnant women need to perform a pelvic exam at the beginning of pregnancy to get a pelvic shape assessment. Some women have an unsuitable hip shape for normal birth. Even so, it does not mean how normal childbirth through the vagina is not possible to do. The pelvic shape provides additional information on the risk of inhibition of labor.

In addition, abnormal soft tissue clumps in the pelvis can close the baby's birth path. The most common abnormal clumps are myoma or uterine fibroids, the mass that arises from the tissues of the uterus. Most of these myoma growths do not cause problems because they are mostly found in the upper part of the uterus. If the myoma is in the lower pelvis, the birth canal for the baby can be closed. Evaluation of the size and position of fibroids or other clots in the soft tissues within the pelvis can be done via ultrasound. This examination can help decide whether a woman is able to give birth normally through the vagina.

Before knowing the female pelvic forms, let us learn what the organs are inside them.

Pelvic Anatomy Determining How to Deliver

What Organs Are There In Pelvis?

The female pelvic region overshadows various reproductive organs including:

  • Vulva, ie the outer part of the female genital organs including the opening of the vagina, labium minor and labium major, the clitoris, and the urethra or part of the urethra.
  • Vagina or also called the baby's birth line, as well as a channel for menstruation. The vagina connects the cervix or cervix with the vulva.
  • The cervix or the cervix is a narrow part of the uterus. The cervix is located between the bladder and the rectum. The mouth of this uterus is a channel or a channel that opens into the vagina.
  • The uterus, also called the uterus, is a pear-shaped organ. The uterus has a cavity that can accommodate the fetus. His position is in the lower abdomen, between the bladder and rectum.
  • Endometrium, the lining of the uterus.
  • The ovary is a reproductive organ that produces an egg or ovum. Women have two ovaries supported by a membrane on the side of the uterus.
  • The fallopian tube serves to carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus.

In addition, the pelvic region also overshadows some of the digestive organs, such as the large intestine and small intestine. Both are important to digest food and remove solid waste. The large intestine ends at the anus located at the back of the pelvis. The anus has sphincter muscles whose job is to control solid waste disposal. In addition, the anus is also assisted by pelvic floor muscles or pelvic floor. In the process of giving birth, pelvic floor muscle serves to help push the baby through the vagina.

What are the Preparations of Pelvic Bones?

After a woman experiences puberty, her pelvis will grow in order to create more space for childbirth. The pelvic bone consists of the lumbar bone, the sacrum, and the pubic bone. The waist consists of three bones, namely ilium, iscium, and pubis. Ilium is the largest of the three bones forming this waist. The largest pelvic measurement is taken from the circumference of the ilium bone in the upper part of the bulge, called the width of the pelvis (bi-iliac width). This measure will then be compared to the size of the fetal head to determine whether the pregnant woman can give birth normally or through intervention (eg cesarean section). Therefore, it is important to make these measurements.

Below the ilium, there are two bones that also form the pelvis, namely ischium, and pubis. Both pubic bones are met and linked by cartilage called the symphysis pubis. At the time of pregnancy, the ligaments around the symphysis pubis will become more flexible to allow the baby to be born. Meanwhile, the sacrum becomes the base place for the union of the backbone. The shape of the sacrum resembles a triangle. Under the sacrum, there is a coccyx or coccyx which is the base of the spine. The tailbone is in charge of maintaining balance when a person is in a sitting position. The tailbone is also a shelter for various ligaments, tendons, and some pelvic floor muscles.

The shape of the pelvic anatomy

Here are the four most common forms of the female pelvis and their effect on labor.


The shape of the pelvic cavity is oval, the flattening is from the front to the back of the diameter. This can later cause the fetus to pass through the pelvis with a transverse head position. This form of the pelvis is at risk of making the failure of normal labor through the vagina.


In fact, this form is typical of the male pelvis, which is the size of a small pelvic cavity and resembles the shape of a heart symbol. Iscium bone protrudes and narrow pubic arch. The shape of the android pelvis is also at risk of making the failure of normal labor through the vagina.


This is the most common form of the pelvis and is the best form of pelvis suitable for normal delivery. The inner cavity is oval. The distance from the right side to the left side of the pelvis is wider than the distance from the front to the back. In the shape of this hip bone, the blunt iscium bone and the pubic arch are quite large, which is about 90 ° or more wide.


In this type of pelvis, the inner cavity is oval, but the distance between the front and rear sides is wider than the right and left sides. The side walls are parallel and the back is wide enough to hold the back of the baby's head. This results in the baby being born going face up.

Whether examining the shape of the pelvis or the myoma, cannot determine 100 percent whether a woman can give birth normally or not. The real test is when the labor process occurs. However, an early pelvic examination is highly recommended as a precautionary measure.
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