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Breastfeeding Foods Can Start With The Following Menu

The right time to provide complementary feeding to infants according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is when the baby is 6 months old. WHO also recommends that food should be adequate with the portion and nutrients a baby needs at that age. WHO suggests complementary feeding of mother's milk should have a proportion of energy, protein, and micronutrients. It is important for babies who are growing up. In addition, food presentation should be done in a hygienic way to minimize the risk of bacterial contamination and dirt.

Breastfeeding Supplements Must Be Patient

Not surprisingly, the baby can not immediately consume complementary foods breastmilk according to the expectations of parents. In these times, allow sufficient time for Buah Hati to learn to enjoy food other than breast milk or formula. This learning period is reasonable considering during the early days of his life, Little is always given milk or formula. Given these habits, it is natural that the baby then refused the food other than what they usually eat. When the baby refuses or is not too interested in the food given, parents don't worry. Parents just need to be patient because this adaptation process will not last long. Introduce new foods one by one. Wait a few days before Little is introduced to the next new food. Thus, parents can identify what foods can cause allergies to the baby.

Breastfeeding Foods Can Start With The Following Menu

Parental patience is important considering it is a transitional period from exclusive breastfeeding to solid foods. This transition period itself is a very vulnerable time. If this period cannot be passed smoothly, then the baby may experience malnutrition. If it comes to malnutrition, it will drag the baby into a group of children under five years old around the world who suffer from malnutrition.

Recommended Breastfeeding Supplement Food menu

Perhaps many parents are confused to determine what the right menu is given as complementary feeding milk. Some of the guidelines below may be used as a benchmark to overcome the confusion.

Start with simple food

The simple food here means food made from only one ingredient without added sugar or salt. It is recommended to wait 3-5 days before introducing the next new food. That way, if your child experiences a reaction of vomiting, diarrhea or rash, parents can easily tell the cause. Immediately stop giving the type of food that causes the disease.

Baby cereal

Other breastfeeding foods that can be given to babies are cereals. Rice cereal is food that became the choice of many parents. As for making it sufficient to mix a tablespoon of cereal from seeds with 60ml breast milk or formula. Parents' patience is again tested in resisting the temptation not to deliver cereal with a bottle of milk. This is usually done mainly because the cereal quickly thickens. What should be done is to help the Little Sit upright and feed it with a small spoon. Do this once or twice a day.

Porridge of meat, vegetables, or fruit

By the time the baby is familiar with complementary feeding, parents can continue by introducing porridge made from meat, vegetables, or fruit. The introduction of this type of slurry should be done gradually. In order not to be surprised, rotate the porridge made of meat, vegetables, or fruit every five times the presentation of one type of food. We recommend that the porridge served does not contain salt or sugar.

Food is finely chopped

The majority of infants aged 8-10 months can already eat solid foods that are finely chopped in mini portions. Some foods that can be served this way are soft-textured fruits, vegetables, pasta, cheeses, and cooked meats. The frequency of complementary feeding of breastmilk will increase as the infant reaches the age of one year. They could have been able to receive food three times a day. In addition, parents may also be able to provide snacks in the form of small pieces or mashed to Little. Providing complementary feeding of breast milk is one of the keys to the growth and development of infants. Therefore, parents should prepare the food as well and as good as possible.
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