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Do not Be Afraid of Permanent Dentures, Dental Implants Are Safely Applied

If a person loses his or her original tooth, then to replace it can use permanent Dentures. One of them is to use dental implants, namely the root of the artificial teeth that are inserted into the jaw as a foundation for replacement cultivation. A dentist will place the tooth root on the bone located under the gums. After that, the tooth root will be used to tether the crown. If a person loses a tooth more than one or all teeth, then a dental implant may be used in conjunction with a bridge denture.

Dental implants are usually preferred over bridges because they do not affect the adjacent teeth. It's just that someone who wants to install dental implants is required to have good body health, strong jaw bones, and gums that are free from health problems.

Do not Be Afraid of Permanent Dentures, Dental Implants Are Safely Applied

Advantages of a Dental Implant

The use of permanent Dentures has several advantages over temporary Dentures. More specifically about permanent dentures, the use of dental implants has several advantages over the bridge.

Some of the benefits that can be obtained by people who use dental implants include:

Long endurance

Planting Dentures by means of implants can last a long time. In fact, if accompanied by a well-done treatment, then this dental implant endurance may be a lifetime.

Easier to chew

Another advantage that can be obtained from dental implants is easier when used to chew food. It is quite possible considering that permanent Dentures will act like the original teeth so as to minimize the occurrence of tooth shifts.

Helps prevent speech disturbances

Unplanted dentures may shift. This is certainly bad especially if the owner is talking to the sound that comes out will sound like mumble alias is not clear. For this reason, planted implant teeth will make a person not to worry off when talking.

Better dental hygiene

The use of dental implants is considered more able to maintain oral health in general bridge. This is probably because the placement of the implant does not require a reduction in the normal tooth mass next to it. In addition, the placement also does not close the access between the teeth.

Better performances and increased confidence

Forget the odd smile when the teeth date because thanks to dental implants, the moment will not happen again. Dental implants can replace the missing teeth appropriately so that the proportions of the mouth are maintained and designed to look and feel like real teeth.

Convenience is maintained

Someone who uses implanted teeth will be more comfortable considering the planted teeth are well designed so that it seems to be a part of yourself.

Possible Risks Appear

As a general operating procedure, permanent Dentures planting operations also have risks. Luckily, serious problems rarely occur as a result of dental implant planting. However, some of the risks below may be experienced by someone undergoing implant surgery.

  • There is an infection where the implant is planted.
  • There is an injury or structural damage in the vicinity of the implant plantation. This may happen to the teeth or blood vessels around the area of the dental implant.
  • Nerve damage to natural teeth, gums, lips, or chins characterized by pain, numbness, or tingling.
  • Sinus problem. It may occur when the resultant dental implantation of the jaw ends up prominently in one of the sinus cavities.

Given the advantages of installing permanent Dentures more than the losses suffered, then this is worthy of choice when someone loses teeth. In order for the risks suffered increasingly minimal, make sure the installation is done by a licensed professional dentist.
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