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Heart Attack Symptoms

A heart attack is an emergency medical condition that needs to be addressed immediately before it's too late. Go immediately to the nearest hospital if you or someone is suspected of having a heart attack. Some of the symptoms of a heart attack that usually occur are:

  • Hard to breathe.
  • Pain or pain in the chest. Chest feels depressed, narrow, and squeezed in the middle. The pain that is felt is usually very severe, but there are also people who only feel mild pain. Often women, elderly people, and diabetics don't feel pain at all.
  • Pain in other body parts. Starting from the left arm, jaw, neck, back, and abdomen.
  • Feeling nauseous, digestive disorders, and abdominal pain.
  • Feeling weak and easily dizzy.
  • Restless or anxious.
  • A cough.
  • Sweating.

Heart Attack Symptoms

All the symptoms mentioned above are not necessarily experienced by all heart attack sufferers. There are some people who experience no symptoms at all but some others experience a heart attack. The more symptoms a person feels, the more likely the person will have a heart attack.

Heart attacks can appear suddenly, but sometimes, can also show signs and symptoms early before a heart attack .. Early symptoms are usually a pain in the chest or angina. This condition is triggered by fatigue while working and rests with rest. Angina occurs because the blood supply to the heart decreases dramatically. Symptoms of angina are similar to heart attacks but will disappear after a while. Recognize the different attacks of angina and heart attacks. Angina can usually be controlled by taking drugs. Your doctor will prescribe medications for consumption when symptoms increase.

If the condition does not improve after the first dose is given, take a second dose at five minutes after. If necessary, take the third dose five minutes after the second dose. But if after the third dose still cannot relieve symptoms that appear, immediately to the nearest hospital. If you feel yourself or someone you know has symptoms of a heart attack, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital to seek medical help. If there is no heart attack, it's better to make sure your health condition than late to receive help.

Other Symptoms That Happen As a Heart Attack

Cardiac arrest may result from heart attack complications. Cardiac arrest occurs when a person's heart experiences a seizure and eventually causes stopping. Some of the symptoms that appear in patients with cardiac arrest are patients not moving, not breathing, and do not react when invited to communicate or react to touch.

In the event of a cardiac arrest in a patient, first aid can be done is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). How to perform CPR is by placing the heel of your hand on the breastbone right in the center of the chest. Put the other hand on it and hook the fingers of both hands. Use body weight to press the chest as deep as 5-6 cm. Repeat this technique until the ambulance arrives at the scene.

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