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How To Eliminate Wrinkles Under Eyes is Here

How to remove wrinkles under the right eye should begin by knowing what the cause of wrinkles is. Keep in mind that the appearance of wrinkles is influenced by many factors. Some of the risk factors for the appearance of wrinkles can still be controlled, such as smoking habits, repeated facial expression, and excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. Meanwhile, the risk factor that can not be controlled is the age factor. Cigarettes are predicted to make the aging process on the skin run faster than usual. This is probably because smoking risks changing blood supply to the skin. Regarding the relationship with facial expressions, such as narrowing the eyes often, the risk of triggering the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Ultraviolet rays that hit the skin can break the connective tissue on the skin, such as collagen and elastin fibers. Without such supporting tissues, the skin will lose its flexibility resulting in early wrinkles. The age factor alone can certainly reduce the elasticity of the skin naturally due to decreased production of skin oil.

How To Eliminate Wrinkles Under Eyes is Here

Some Ways to Eliminate Wrinkles Under Eyes

In addition to around the eyes, wrinkles usually occur also in other faces and neck. The steps below can be used to overcome the presence of wrinkles, including wrinkles under the eyes.

Using a medicine cream

In general, eye cream contains a mild anti-aging ingredient for the skin. The concentration of the material used is also lower than for other body parts, considering the skin around the eyes is smoother than other parts. The usual ingredients contained in eye cream are retinoids, peptides, and hydrating agents (such as hyaluronic acid). These materials contribute to filling wrinkles around the eyes. Another recommended ingredient contained in the cream to reduce wrinkles under the eyes is coenzyme Q10. This material is also useful to protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to sunlight.

The creep cream can also be obtained without a doctor's prescription. Some of the active ingredients present in the over-the-counter creams include retinol, alpha hydroxy, antioxidants, and a number of peptides. Unfortunately, anti-wrinkle creams without prescription only contain a few active ingredients so the results are not as good as prescribed by a doctor.

Using cosmetic procedures

To remove wrinkles under the eyes quickly, there are several ways that can be used. One of them is a botulinum toxin injection or commonly known as botox injections. In certain doses and performed by doctors, these injections will relax the muscles that cause wrinkles and wrinkles on the skin. Another way that can be used to remove wrinkles caused by exposure to sunlight (UV rays) or due to the age factor is by chemical peels. This facial treatment method aims to remove dead skin cells using chemicals. The new cells that appear next will form a smoother new layer of skin.

Another way that can be used is to use a laser. The use of lasers will stimulate the growth of collagen and new skin fibers are firmer and smoother. Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion can also be used to remove wrinkles under the eyes. This process is simply used to remove the wrinkled skin surface so that new skin layers grow there.

Another technique that can be done to remove wrinkles under the eyes is through the filling of soft tissues (filler technique). Soft tissues such as fat, collagen, and hyaluronic acid gel are injected into the wrinkles so that the faded wrinkles disappear. Finally, firming the skin with a heat-discharging device can be done to remove wrinkles under the eyes. Immediately apply how to remove wrinkles under the eyes as described above. Consult a physician to get treatment that suits your own condition.
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