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Recognize the Cause of Throat Dry and How to Cope

The dry throat can be very disturbing daily activities. Talk too it feels quite painful and awkward. Do not be sad if you have a dry throat. Immediately find out the cause to be able to handle it appropriately. A dry throat is often accompanied by itching or pain in the throat. This condition may be a symptom of a throat or mouth disorder. Two conditions associated with dry throat are laryngitis and dry mouth. Below are two types of diseases that can cause a dry taste in your throat.


This condition most often leads to dry throat accompanied by hoarseness and itching. Laryngitis is inflammation of the vocal cords that occur due to overuse of the vocal cords or because of an infection. There are two types of laryngitis differentiated by the time span of the onset of symptoms. Among other things, long-term (chronic) laryngitis is commonly caused by cigarette smoke, consume alcohol, allergies, or stomach acid irritation. And short-term (acute) laryngitis is commonly caused by a viral infection. 

Recognize the Cause of Throat Dry and How to Cope

Common symptoms are dry throat and pain, hoarseness, weakness, persistent itchiness, or a dry cough. To overcome this condition, usually, laryngitis patients will be given drugs such as corticosteroids or antibiotics (if the cause of bacterial infections) in accordance with the doctor's recommendations. In addition, you can also do some daily handling such as drinking mineral water, inhaling inhaler containing menthol, rinse with warm salt water, consume mint candy, and eat lozenges (throat lozenges). It is recommended to avoid smoking and rest your voice.

Dry Mouth

In addition to laryngitis, dry mouth can also be the cause of dry throat. Dry mouth occurs because the production of saliva is sufficient or saliva is reduced or none at all. And usually occurs in those who are dehydrated, nerve damage in the head or neck area, smoking, taking certain drugs, or because of certain diseases. Symptoms include persistent thirst, dry mouth, dry throat, wound in the corner of the mouth, chapped lips, impaired sense of taste, difficulty chewing, sore throat, and tongue feels rough, dry and red. To overcome the problem of dry mouth you can chew sugar-free gum to increase saliva, drink mineral water, keep the humidity in the bedroom so that the respiratory tract does not grow dry, and breathe through the nose, not through the mouth. 

 However, if that does not work, you can consult a doctor. The doctor will provide special care tailored to the cause. If caused by treatment such as radiotherapy, then you will be given pilocarpine. If caused by taking certain medications, usually the doctor will change the drug that causes dry mouth or just reduce the dose. If dry mouth is caused by a blockage in the nose, the doctor will give a decongestant. A dry throat can make a mistake. Talk is not good, so do swallowing drinks or food. Immediately find out the cause of your dry throat so you can handle it in the right way.
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