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How to Take Care of Good and Right Teeth

Get accustomed to maintaining dental hygiene by often rubbing it on a daily basis. however, apprehend that brushing your teeth often isn't essentially effective as the way of caring for your teeth if the technique isn't right. have you ever brushed your teeth double each day, however, the matter of teeth and gums continues to be common? perhaps the approach you sweep your teeth is not right. the subsequent square measure some points that may be a guide.

Make a part of the routine

Make brushing your teeth as a part of a compulsory routine, once uptake or a minimum of morning and night before aiming to bed.

How to Take Care of Good and Right Teeth

Don't be too usually

Brushing your teeth 2-3 times each day as the way to worry for your teeth is that the ideal quantity. however, brushing your teeth quite three times each day will harm solid body substance and damage gums.

Not too sturdy

Besides being too frequent, brushing your teeth too tight conjointly risks damaging your teeth and gums. so as to higher management the movement of the comb, hold the handle of the comb such as you hold a pencil, not by clenching your hands.

Don't rush

For a lot of careful brushing, offer a minimum of thirty seconds to brush facet|all sides|both sides|either side} of the row of teeth: right side, left the facet, and front.

Good technique

Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle from the gum and move the comb from right to left repeatedly on the teeth. Brush the outer and inner tooth surfaces, and therefore the back molars.

Also, brush the tongue and therefore the within the cheeks

In addition to the surface of the teeth, microorganism also is found on the tongue and therefore the within the proper facet of the cheek. conjointly brush this half gently on a daily basis to cut back unhealthy breath. Some brands give special tools to scrub the tongue.


Gargle with clean water anytime you end rubbing every half. Ending it with AN antiseptic solution can more support oral hygiene and freshness of breath. Choosing and victimization the proper dentifrice and toothbrush is additionally the key to healthy teeth and gums. Unhealthy teeth and gums may be a contributive issue to the event of alternative health issues, like polygenic disease and cardiovascular disease.
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