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This Bad Habit Can Damage Seamless Facial Skin

This Bad Habit Can Damage Seamless Facial Skin

The skin is one of the first defenses of the body when interacting with the environment. A combination of environment and bad habits can damage the skin without even knowing it. Just imagine, your skin must face the sun, wind, and water every day. Do not be surprised if then the skin feels itchy or dry. Especially if you don't maintain healthy skin, the effect can double. So how can we know the mistakes that can cause damage to the skin? We can see below.

Excessive alcohol content in cosmetics

You and most people in the world have the same desire, have smooth and smooth skin. Unfortunately, often the way to realize this desire results in the opposite. One of them is the result of the wrong choice in using cosmetic skin products. 

This Bad Habit Can Damage Seamless Facial Skin
This Bad Habit Can Damage Seamless Facial Skin

Be aware that some skin care products may contain excessive amounts of alcohol. Most alcohol will reduce skin moisture. Especially if used when the moisture of the skin has been drained by hot air or room temperature control. Excessive alcoholic products can be in the form of toner, cleaning, and other oil control products.

Sleep fixed with make-up

One of the habits that you have to end immediately because of the bad effects on the skin is rarely to clean make-up. Although this bad habit in some people does not cause significant problems, it does not mean it can be ignored. Because many also experience cracked skin while sleeping with make-up which is not cleaned first. It could be formed a layer of dirt on the surface of the skin that comes from cosmetics that are not cleaned properly. Remember, the factor of maintaining skin cleanliness is very important in order to maintain its health. So, always clean the cosmetics that stick to your skin before going to bed.

Stacking bacteria in brushes and sponges

When is the recommended time to clean your cosmetic brush or sponge? Calm down, not just you who often forget to do this. It is recommended to do it immediately because the beauty tool can become a gathering place for bacteria. If not cleaned, brushes and sponges risk becoming a medium for spreading bacteria to your skin. When you have a wound or open crack in the skin, it is not impossible to trigger an infection.

A burning spirit in exfoliating the skin

Other bad habits that have the potential to damage the health and beauty of your skin are excessive when removing dead skin cells. Usually, exfoliation of dead skin cells is done to bring out a fresher layer of skin. If this action is done excessively, the skin can lose natural oil. For that, you must stop this bad habit. When doing this action, try to be accompanied by applying oil or cream in the peeled part. This needs to be done to prevent moisture from leaving your skin.

Pinch the cell phone between the cheeks and shoulders

When the hand is in trouble with the activity and at the same time must receive a call, we will usually clamp the cellphone with the cheeks and shoulders. Did you know that this habit can trigger the growth of pimples on the face? Because your cell phone screen is a place that is prone to bacteria. In order not to trigger the growth of acne, make sure to use earphones or hands-free headsets. You also have to diligently clean the surface of the cell phone so as not to transmit bacteria to your facial skin. Check again if you have habits that can harm your skin as above. Some of these habits, if you end immediately, can make you avoid accidental damage to your own skin.
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