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Deodorant Triggers Breast Cancer?

The location of the armpits close to the breast suggests that whatever is used around this part will have an impact on cell changes in the breast organ. The discovery of certain elements of deodorants in breast tissue raises concerns that deodorants are a trigger for breast cancer. There is news that deodorants contain certain ingredients that can be absorbed by the skin and enter the body through open scratches that may arise due to shaving underarm hair. It was also stated that basting in this area could be at risk of causing breast cancer because of its location adjacent to the organ.

The material in question is an aluminum-based compound contained in some deodorant products. This material forms a temporary blockage in the sweat glands, thus stopping the flow of sweat on the surface of the skin. The absorption of this material by the skin is said to cause effects similar to those caused by the effects of estrogen which can support the growth of breast cancer cells. In addition to aluminum, other elements called parabens are also suspected to cause similar effects above. You can find it in labels with names like methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, or benzylparaben.

Deodorant Triggers Breast Cancer

Rumors circulating are that the chemicals in deodorants prevent the body from removing toxins so that it reaches the lymph nodes and acts to cause cell changes to become cancerous cells. Some studies also claim that these chemicals can interact with DNA in several cells or cause changes in breast cells, causing the development of potential breast cancer.

But subsequent studies found no evidence of this suspicion. Until now there is no strong evidence that deodorants can increase cancer risk. 

Following are the details:

  • The study states that parabens are found in breast tumor tissue from some samples of breast cancer sufferers. However, it does not necessarily prove that parabens are the cause of tumors.
  • Besides that, not necessarily the intended parabens come from the use of deodorants. There are many other cosmetics that contain parabens which are also at risk of being absorbed through the skin surface. So it cannot be concluded that only deodorants cause parabens in the human body.
  • Most deodorants on the market today do not contain parabens.
  • Another study with a larger sample found that there was no increased risk of breast cancer in women using deodorant, as well as those who use armpit hair shavers.
  • Breast cancer is also found in women who don't shave armpit hair too often and don't use deodorant products with allegedly dangerous ingredients.
  • Other factors, such as a history of family members with breast cancer and the consumption of contraceptive pills, are more influential than the use of deodorants.

The use of deodorant also has questionable safety in people with kidney disorders. This is because the body can no longer dispose of aluminum as quickly as needed so that the risk of causing buildup in the body. Dialysis patients with high aluminum levels are more at risk of developing dementia.

But this does not mean that people with kidney disorders should not use deodorants. The fact is that according to doctors, even though it can be absorbed by the body, it is impossible for aluminum levels in deodorants to be enough to bring harm to the kidneys. Breast cancer and dementia are complex diseases that cannot be caused by one small factor, such as deodorant. Factors that can reduce a person's risk of developing these diseases are like in general, enough exercise, eating healthy foods, and avoiding stress wherever possible.

In conclusion, there is no strong scientific evidence that can prove the notion that deodorants can endanger the health of its users. But if you are still in doubt, you should look at the ingredients contained in the deodorant that is printed on the packaging. Although not medically proven, but given the fact that human body tissue does store parabens, it is better to avoid similar materials to use. The trick is to carefully read the labels on the packaging.

To avoid body odor, you can also try natural ingredients that are clearly free of aluminum, such as applying tea or lemon to the armpit. In Indonesia, alum is also often used to remove body odor.
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