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These are 4 ways to consume green tea for your diet

What do you think about when you hear the word green tea? In addition to hits for various green tea snacks, it is very popular with its benefits for losing weight. But the benefits of green tea to lose weight will certainly be maximal if we consume green tea in the right way.

Benefits of green tea to reduce weight

Green tea is called the type of tea with the highest antioxidant content. This is certainly reasonable considering the type of tea leaves used are leaves on the top of tea plants and the drying and making of tea which is different from other types of tea. Consumption of green tea is very good for losing weight because the high antioxidant will be able to support the body's metabolism more smoothly so that the digestive process in the body is more optimal and weight can be reduced.

These are 4 ways to consume green tea for your diet

Then, how do you eat green tea properly so you can lose weight? Well, so that we can make maximum use of green tea, there are some easy tips that we can apply. Some of these include:

1. Take sugar-free green tea

If you usually pack a lot of green tea, then if you want your diet program to succeed, try to choose the type of powdered green tea or dip without using the addition of artificial sugar.

In addition, the maximum benefits of green tea will also be felt if you consume it without added sugar. Additional sugar intake in drinks will contribute to increased calories and weight in the body. This will certainly fail your diet program, right?

2. Take green tea in warm temperatures

The addition of green tea to various types of cold drinks is indeed delicious, huh. But this will not support the success of your diet. The temperature of the drink can affect the body's metabolism, where the temperature of drinks that are far different from body temperature will force the body to work harder so that the metabolism is disturbed and absorption of substances in the beverage is not optimal.

This condition makes the content in green tea at risk is not absorbed optimally by the body, besides drinks in very cold temperatures are considered capable of influencing the formation of fat deposits under the skin. For that, try to consume green tea in warm temperatures only.

3. Take in the morning and evening

The benefits of green tea to lose weight will be felt by the body if consumed at the right time, namely morning and before going to bed at night, why? This will be good for metabolism ahead and after sleep, where the body's metabolism during sleep will be more optimal if we consume green tea before going to bed. Consumption of green tea when you wake up will also prepare your body to metabolize optimally throughout the day.

4. Eat enough green tea

Although the benefits of green tea for weight loss are proven, this does not mean you have to overdo it. Make sure you don't overdo green tea, the recommended portion based on a study conducted in Los Angeles is 2-3 cups a day.

This number will make the benefits of antioxidants absorbed maximally by the body and do not cause health problems such as digestion or excessive antioxidant intake. You can consume one glass of green tea each morning and before bed, if you want to consume one serving of green tea, try to drink at a different time, for example before lunchtime.
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