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See How to Shrink a Distended Stomach Here

Having a distended stomach is of course very disturbing. In addition to reducing self-confidence, a distended stomach also makes it difficult for you to choose clothes. So that the distended abdomen is not more disturbing, consider how to shrink the following distended abdomen.

In the human body, there are two types of fat, namely subcutaneous fat (under the skin) and visceral fat (in the abdominal cavity). The appearance of a distended stomach is usually caused by the accumulation of visceral fat in and around the abdominal cavity.
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This fat buildup is very dangerous for the health of the body because it makes the organs around the abdomen closed. This results in someone more at risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and metabolic syndrome.

See How to Shrink a Distended Stomach Here

How to shrink a distended stomach

Here's how to reduce the distended stomach that you can try at home, namely:

Reduce foods containing fat and sugar
The presence of abdominal fat is often associated with excessive consumption of saturated fat and sugar. Saturated fat itself is commonly found in beef, butter, and dairy products. To prevent the formation of fat deposits in the stomach, you should prioritize the consumption of unsaturated fats that can be obtained from fish and nuts. Also limit calorie intake in general, because the habit of eating high-calorie foods can make the stomach bloated.

Sufficient fiber intake
One way to reduce a distended stomach that is recommended is to provide enough fiber. A study shows, fiber can slow the absorption of food so you can feel full longer. Other studies have even revealed that high-fiber diets and complex carbohydrates with restrictions on fat intake are effective in helping reduce weight. To get enough fiber, you can eat nuts, flaxseed, avocados, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, guava, pears, and apples.

Do cardio exercise
In addition to fulfilling fiber needs, you are also advised to regularly do cardio exercise. If done routinely several times a week, cardio exercise can be a way to shrink a distended stomach which is very effective, because it can help burn fat in the abdominal area. It is recommended to do it for 5 hours a week. Also, combine with other types of exercise to accelerate the burning of belly fat.

Enough rest
According to one study, the time and quality of sleep also contributed to the increase in the amount of fat tissue in the stomach. From the study, it was seen that people who lack sleep or actually sleep too long have a tendency to experience an increase in fat and weight. Therefore, just need to sleep for 7 hours per day and try to consistently maintain your sleep. That way, you can reduce fat buildup in the body, especially in the distended abdominal area.

Relieves stress
Stress is also often associated as one of the causes of accumulating fat in the stomach. When you are stressed, the adrenal gland releases excess stress hormone (cortisol). The release of this hormone can increase appetite and make the body store fat around the stomach. To relieve stress, you are advised to do meditation and yoga regularly.

Keep in mind, the most effective way to reduce a distended stomach is to improve lifestyle, especially by reducing consumption of sweet foods and drinks, controlling carbohydrate consumption, and avoiding cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. By improving your lifestyle and applying the things above it is not impossible that you can shrink the distended stomach in a short time.

If you have tried various types of diets and underwent the above tips but still have difficulty reaching your ideal weight, you can consult a doctor to get advice and how to shrink a distended stomach according to your condition.
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