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Symptoms of conjunctivitis

Symptoms of conjunctivitis initially only affect one eye, but usually, after a few hours, it will affect both eyes. Conjunctivitis has symptoms that commonly occur as follows:

  • Frequent tears and mucus because the glands that produce both become overactive due to inflammation.
  • The eye becomes red because small blood vessels in the conjunctiva widen after inflammation.
  • The sensitivity to light increases.

In addition to the general symptoms above, conjunctivitis can cause several other symptoms, according to the type.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis

Infective conjunctivitis

There are several symptoms that usually appear if you experience infective conjunctivitis, including:

Lymph nodes that enlarge in front of the ear. The eyes feel burning. Lashes will feel sticky or sticky when you wake up in the morning. Eyes feel like have sand.

Allergic conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis can occur due to allergies and cause the eyes to feel itchy. Symptoms such as runny or stuffy nose and sneezing can occur. The eyelids will feel sore and dry if you suffer from allergies to eye drops or commonly called contact dermaconjunctivitis.

In addition, there is giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) which are allergic to the use of contact lenses. Symptoms that appear can be small spots inside the upper eyelid and develop slowly.

Irritable conjunctivitis

We must suspect irritant conjunctivitis if there is a history of exposure to irritant substances such as shampoo or other chemicals. The eyes will usually emit clear liquid like tears that are not sticky. The lower eye socket is usually more frequently attacked than the upper part.

See a doctor immediately if you experience giant papillary conjunctivitis because it can cause very dangerous complications. Most cases of conjunctivitis are harmless so there's no need to worry. Even so, immediately see a doctor if you experience more severe eye symptoms such as:

  • Impaired vision.
  • One or both eyes are thick red.
  • Eyes hurt.
  • Experience photophobia or is sensitive to light.
  • Severe dizziness accompanied by nausea or vomiting.
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