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Alert! Skin can also be dehydrated

Alert! Skin can also be dehydrated

Not just the body, but it ends up the skin can also be dehydrated. Fortunately exists are ways to maintain the skin damp from the inside. Dehydration of the skin or dry skin is a problem when the skin does not have liquid in the skin layer triggering a loss of the All-natural Hydrating Factor or the skin's all-natural hydrating factor which outcomes in a reduction in the degree of moisture.

Be aware if you experience symptoms of skin dehydration as below.

  • The skin feels tight and itchy, especially after washing, bathing, or swimming.
  • The skin looks dull and feels rough.
  • There are fine lines or peels on the skin of certain body parts.

Behind Skin Dehydration

The outer layer of human skin is called the skin. In this layer, there are 4 kinds of skin cell layers, one which is the stratum corneum. The Stratum corneum (SC) is a lipid membrane layer - the essential healthy protein when the skin is dehydrated. This liquid in the skin layer contributes in preserving flexibility and preventing the skin from drying.

Alert! Skin can also be dehydrated
Alert! Skin can also be dehydrated

In this stratum corneum, there's an important element, such as an all-natural hydrating factor (NMF) or all-natural hydrating factor that supervises of preserving hydrating liquid degrees. NMF is a mix of hygroscopic particles (attractive and keeping residential or commercial homes) that help maintain the hydration of the stratum corneum. Some of the components of NMF are salts (consisting of electrolytes), urea, and lactate. Amino acids are also kept in them.

This NMF manufacturing is very based on the moisture of the bordering environment. When the fluid degree is much less compared to 10 percent, the surface of the skin will dry. Dry skin may be an indication that the body does not have liquids.

You can prevent the problem of dehydration of the skin by drinking electrolytes regularly at any moment, consisting of before going to sleep so that the skin is maintained damp from the inside. This is because electrolyte liquids can change the salt, potassium, and magnesium elements of the body shed through sweat.

Beautiful skin can be owned by anybody. But maintaining it from avoiding dehydration is also extremely important. Drinking lots of electrolytes will help maintain the moisture of your all-natural skin. At the same time, maintain your skin healthy and balanced although you're busy doing tasks.
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