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Amazing Facts about the Benefits of Talking to Fetuses

Today, doctors realize that babies begin to learn about the world around them since the womb. The learning process that involves these imperfect senses takes place during the third trimester in the womb or maybe even before that. This broke the doctors' suspicion for years before that baby was born without any knowledge of the outside world. After 23 weeks, the fetus will be able to hear Mother's voice and other sounds, maybe even responding to whatever she hears by moving more actively. What are the voices that the Little One hears? Can be the sound of the heartbeat, breathing, digestive Mother, and faint sounds from outside the body of the Mother.

Studying Since Still in the Bassinet

There are allegations that by reading stories or playing music to the fetus or even just talking to them, the fetus can get a simple learning experience in the womb. In addition, as the related experts said that happened after birth, the baby may be able to remember and recognize certain sounds while still in the womb. Listening to music can be a wonderful way for Mother and baby to relax.

When the fetus hears music, his heart rate will increase and he tends to move more. Shortly after birth, there is a possibility that the baby will respond to the same piece of music he often hears when in the crib. The reaction makes the baby stretch and listens more. In the same way, the baby may also show that he remembers and is comforted by certain sounds that are heard while in the womb. However, an early childhood education expert suggests not playing music through earphones on the mother's stomach. This is because the atmosphere in the womb is actually quite noisy.

Amazing Facts about the Benefits of Talking to Fetuses

Recognizing the Language and Voice of the Mother who Reassures Himself

As the baby in the womb continues to develop, he becomes trying to get all the information needed just by listening to the mother's conversation with other people. He can also recognize the pattern and rhythm of the book that Mother read aloud. A study shows that babies begin to recognize language since they were 10 weeks old in the womb.

The fetal heart rate will slow down a little each time you talk when the womb is around 7-8 months old. This shows Mother's voice has a calming effect on her. Not only that, when a new baby is born, he can recognize his mother's voice.

In the same study of babies born, pacifiers that have been connected to a recording device are given to babies. The recorder contains the sounds of other mothers and women. Within 10-20 minutes, the baby is finally able to learn to distinguish his mother's voice. The way that babies show is to adjust the dot suction level to give a code of recognition to their own mother's voice. This not only shows the innate baby's love for her mother's voice but also shows the baby's unique ability to learn quickly. Even so, there is no evidence that a newborn is able to show the same preference for the father's voice or siblings' voices.

Build proximity

Hearing Mother's voice, while she was still in the womb, helped the baby feel tied to Mother quickly after she was born. One theory suggests that the reason for hearing a baby so well developed in the womb is to help him start a bond with Mother even before she is born. After birth, the baby may be happy to hear Mother's voice compared to other sounds.

This is the Way to Learn Fetus

The following are the three main learning methods performed by the fetus while still in the womb.

  • If you often make noise, your baby tends not to be surprised by these sounds when you are born later. This proves that babies can learn through sounds that they hear repeatedly.
  • Babies recognize familiar sounds and music. Babies can also be calm with swaying and certain sounds like car engines, which might remind them of the movements and sounds of the body of the Mother. In this case, the baby becomes accustomed to the experiences he has been through.
  • Babies can learn to connect certain experiences with Mother's feelings at that time. For example, if you often listen to certain parts of the music while relaxing, the same music can calm the baby later. This example reinforces the notion that babies can connect certain habits by remembering.

What you do during pregnancy can be useful in helping your baby's natural cognitive development. The more often the Mother interacts with her, including singing and speaking, the baby will be faster in adapting to the surrounding environment later. In addition, don't forget to involve Dad to feel fetal movements and let him know that the fetus can also hear Father's voice. Daddy can chat with the fetus and read a short story. This will help the baby familiarize himself with his father's voice.
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