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Don't Get Blown Up by the Aroma of Fragrant Oil because of the Dangers of Lurking!

There is a condition called perfume intolerance. This situation occurs when someone shows an allergic reaction or sensitivity due to the ingredients contained in perfume. Although many perfumes use brands in the form of world-class celebrities, most of the perfume does not list the supporting ingredients used. In fact, some of the ingredients contained in perfume may have an adverse effect on people who are allergic or sensitive.

Not only perfume, but you are also likely to experience allergic reactions or sensitivity to fragrances that are around, such as cosmetics, hair spray, shampoo, bath soap, facial washing soap, detergents, and air freshener. Fragrances used can cover 2500 different types of ingredients. These materials can cause various reactions from different people. It is estimated that up to about 4% of people experience contact allergies on products that contain a mixture of perfume ingredients in general.

For perfume itself, a study tries to examine the content of various perfume products. The result is found about 10 chemicals associated with allergic reactions such as sneezing and asthma. In addition, 12 kinds of chemicals were found which have the potential to cause hormone disorders, such as tonalite, diethyl phthalate, and benzyl benzoate.

Don't Get Blown Up by the Aroma of Fragrant Oil because of the Dangers of Lurking!

Signs of Allergy or Sensitivity of Fragrant Oil and Fragrances

If you experience allergies or sensitivity to fragrances, the following symptoms can arise:

  • Itchy redness on the skin
  • Headache
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Breathless
  • Wheezing
  • Feeling tightness in the chest
  • Watery eyes

Ways to Overcome Sensitivity to Aroma

Scents are everywhere and you can't avoid them constantly. To work around this, you can compromise or adapt to the aroma. Here's how:

  • Understand the true aroma that makes you sensitive. If necessary, note the date of the incident and the location where you feel sensitive to the smell. The aim is to find out the aroma that triggers that sensitivity.
  • If there is a scent that triggers your sensitivity in the environment around your home or office, ask for their understanding to stop the source of the aroma.
  • Try to do work online to minimize contact with the outside world that allows you to get a scent that makes you sensitive.
  • If you are in a room that has a fragrance that makes you sensitive, use a fan so that the aroma is neutral quickly.
  • If you are walking in a fragrant place, such as a perfume shop in a mall, use a nose cover.
  • Visit your doctor and ask for medication to deal with excessive sensitivity. Don't forget to ask for recommendations for fragrance-free body care.

If you are someone who is allergic or sensitive to perfume or fragrance, try to choose a product labeled 'no fragrance' to minimize the risk of allergies or sensitivity.
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