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Mother Must Know the Sign of a Baby Enough of Breast Milk

In order for babies to get enough milk, they must suckle properly. Therefore, the mother must know whether the baby has suckled properly and correctly. For example, while breastfeeding, make sure you hear your child suck and swallow breast milk in a regular pattern. In addition, the baby must look calm after breastfeeding, for example sleeping or his face looks calm and relaxed.

After breastfeeding has been done correctly, the Mother should not have to worry about whether the baby is experiencing breast milk deficiency. However, to ascertain whether the baby is sufficiently breastfed, some of the following are mandatory for you to know.

Baby Weight

Generally, babies will experience weight loss as soon as they are born. However, their weight will return to normal a week or two afterward. It is recommended to routinely check the baby's weight at the nearest clinic. Increasing the weight of your baby's mother can be one of the benchmarks on whether she has enough milk or not.

Mother Must Know the Sign of a Baby Enough of Breast Milk

Have enough breastfeeding frequency

Baby's need for breast milk will be many times higher than when they were first born. This is specially tailored to the needs of nutritional intake as they enter a period of very rapid growth. When compared with its intensity, the frequency of breastfeeding children will be more frequent with age. As a rule, a newborn child can suckle up to 12 times or every two or three hours.

Increased frequency of urination

How many times do you change your diaper every day? At certain times, usually on the fifth day after birth and so on, the baby may experience diaper changes up to a minimum of six times a day because of being wet by urination plus a minimum of three times a bowel movement. Also, note the discoloration of the baby's stool if the first few days will be dark and sticky, then the following days will be golden yellow.

Awake Baby Health

Increased baby activity and mood after breastfeeding are also related to the fact that they have received enough milk.

The Things Mother Is Worrying About

The mother must be aware of the following when breastfeeding the child.

  • Feel your baby's mouth while breastfeeding, be aware of his mouth is not able to suck the nipples properly.
  • Beware when your baby asks for continuous food without stopping.
  • Check your breasts after breastfeeding the baby, if it doesn't feel more empty or soft, it means there might be a problem.
  • After breastfeeding, the baby is not calm and even nervous.
  • After experiencing weight loss after birth, the baby's weight never increases.
  • Do not let the baby's skin wrinkle even though he is more than a week old.
  • Babies should actively play. Mother don't relax if your child just sleeps or keeps crying while spending his daily time.
  • If your child is more than 5 days old but defecates less than 6 times a day, the Mother must be alert.
  • Check the skin tone of your child, if the color is more yellow after the first week of birth, then the Mother must be careful.

Mothers should never hesitate to consult a doctor if your child experiences the above. Even though you already know the baby's signs are enough milk, but to ensure this, consulting with a doctor is not wrong.
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