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Newborn Babies Can Feel, Smell, and Taste

Parents who have new babies often worry whether their babies are born healthy. Are their needs adequately fulfilled and whether their behavior is normal. The following is the development of newborns in general who can be a guide. Even though it is new, it does not mean that some babies cannot do anything these days. Since in the womb, he has been able to hear and respond. This natural ability develops after they are born.

Size and weight of a newborn baby

Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), newborn boys generally weigh 3-3.6 kg with a length of 48.5-51 cm, and baby girls 2.9-3.5 kg with a length of 48- 50 cm. In general, most newborns will be in this weight, while a small percentage are born with a weight of less or more than that size.

Newborn Babies Can Feel, Smell, and Taste

Motor Ability: Reflex Movement

Your baby is born with some sudden reflexes or natural movements that they can do even during sleep. These reflexes include arching his back like he was in the womb, crying loudly when he was surprised to hear a loud sound, and suddenly stretching his arms and legs. This reflex is called Moro Reflex and will disappear in the next few months. Another reflex is that the little one pushes his tongue out when something is placed in his mouth, his feet will trace like stepping when touching the floor, and the reflexes of the baby's toes grasping and expanding when the soles of his feet are gently rubbed.

Sucking Breast Milk Naturally

Newborns generally spend 16-17 hours a day closing their eyes. However, the hours of sleep may be intermittent to around eight phases of sleep. Usually, they will wake up to drink breast milk or formula milk every 2-3 hours. But this schedule can vary for each baby. The newborn will naturally turn away and open its mouth when you put your finger or nipple on the cheek and the corners of the lips. This movement he does to suckle and can naturally directly suck the breast to drink breast milk.

He can smell the milk and get close to the source. This is what makes the initiation of early breastfeeding possible, namely when a newborn baby naturally approaches the breast to get its first food source. This ability also makes the baby feel more comfortable in the arms of his mother's chest. In addition, he can also smell unpleasant, like the smell of his own fist on diapers.

Even though he was just born, he was able to taste and taste bitter and sweet, even with sharper abilities than adults. While the saltiness can only be felt around the age of 5 months. The development of each child will look unique so there is no need to worry too much if your child has not shown the above signs at this age. As a new parent, it is important to ensure the baby's needs are met on time because the entire life of the baby at this age is very dependent on Mother's Milk and the patience of her father-mother. Read the next age development cycle in a 1-Month Baby: Start Regarding the Voice of Parents
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