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Definition of Myths about Skin Health

Definition of Myths about Skin Health

The skin is an organ of the body that comes into contact and is directly exposed to foreign objects around us. Therefore, skin health must be properly guarded. Although different colors, the skin has the same function, namely maintaining body temperature; protect bones, muscles, and organs in the body; and prevent germs from entering the body, dehydration, and infection. So important is the role of organs in protecting the body, it is not wrong if the health of the skin must always be cared for and maintained. However, do not just take it for granted with various existing skin care tips. It could be just a myth like the following tips.

The higher the SPF, the more protected the skin

Ultraviolet (UV) light consists of three types, namely UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA rays can penetrate the skin to a certain depth and trigger pigment production, aka make the skin darken. While UVB rays can damage skin DNA and cause aging, pigment changes, and skin cancer. While UVC rays themselves never get to Earth because they have been absorbed by the atmosphere.

Understanding Myths about Skin Health
Definition of Myths about Skin Health

SPF on sunscreen cream describes the amount of protection for the skin. SPF is used to protect the skin from UVB rays or sunburned skin. It is advisable to choose broad spectrum type sunscreens, which provide protection from UVA and UVB rays, at least with SPF 15 and contain Mexoryl, oxybenzone, avobenzone (Parsol 1789) which protect from UVA exposure, or titanium dioxide.

Cold air does not need to use sunscreen

Even though the weather is cloudy, UV radiation from the sun still reaches the earth's surface. It is recommended to always apply sunscreen every day. Repeat use every two hours, after swimming, or sweating. Also, keep using sunscreen even if you use make-up with SPF.

Be careful with facials

One study from India showed that facials actually caused acne in 80% of people who participated in the study. Even according to some experts, facials do not provide long-term benefits for skin health.

Good skin health products are expensive

Prices do not determine the effectiveness of a skin health care product. What's important is the content. The active ingredient in skin care products, such as anti-aging creams, which are worth millions or hundreds of thousands of rupiah, turns out to have the same content. Products sold at franchise stores near home are not necessarily no better than those sold in prestigious big malls.

Better to use many products

Using many care products does not mean good for the skin. In fact, too much applying beauty products or treatments can increase the risk of irritation to the skin. Therefore, it is advisable not to overuse skin health care products.

Skin care products are more important than healthy foods

A healthy and balanced diet can maintain healthy skin, as we get older. Eating nutritious foods helps skin look youthful. According to one dermatologist, an unhealthy diet can make hair fall out, the skin becomes pale and cracked, and so on. However, don't eat too much because it can make the skin darker. That is a sign of the condition of prediabetes.

Caring for skin is important. But if you are tempted by suggestions about other skin health care, first check the truth.
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