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For those who want to know about Urine Therapy, read here

For those who want to know about Urine Therapy, read here

Urine therapy has been known and practiced for a long time for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. People believe that this therapy has benefits that are used as alternative medicine. This action has another name for urotherapy or urinotherapy. Therapy is done by drinking or smearing the skin with own urine. It is said that urine that is consumed or applied is useful to tighten the skin and improve gum health. This therapy is also considered good for cleaning teeth and fighting infections.

Some Claims Related to the Benefits of Urine Therapy

Although medical circles assess that urine therapy has not been proven to provide benefits to the perpetrators, but not a few who do so. Here are some examples of the goals of someone doing urine therapy.

  • Fight cancer 

Urine therapy for cancer has been known in Germany since the Renaissance or also called the epoch of enlightenment. Urine used for cancer treatment comes from people who are diligent in consuming cabbage. In Japan, the use of urine therapy, in addition to fighting cancer, is also believed to treat asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and even AIDS as well...

For those who want to know about Urine Therapy, read here
For those who want to know about Urine Therapy, read here

The implementation of urine therapy is based on the fact that certain tumor-triggering proteins are usually detected from the urine of those who have cancer. Some think that applying urine and drinking it will make the body produce antigens to fight the cancer-triggering protein.

They assume if the body is able to produce tumor protein antigens, the body will automatically be able to fight cancer cells. The result is, of course, the cure for cancer sufferers themselves.

  • Caring for the skin

Urine therapy is also popularly used in fair skin care. This therapy turned out to have been done for centuries ago. Besides being applied to the skin, some parties also promote drinking urine directly.

Because urine is considered to contain important components for the body. One of them is considered useful for treating acne vulgaris. One component that is considered important is urea. This material can bind water in the upper layers of the epidermis and can be useful as an antimicrobial. Urea is also considered to be able to improve psoriasis, iktiosis, and dermatophytosis.

Medical World View of Urine Therapy

Use for cancer patients, there is no valid and reliable evidence regarding their effectiveness. No matter how urine therapy is performed on cancer patients, the results remain the same, namely, there is no medical evidence to support it.

While for skin care, many have applied it, but in different forms. As we know that the biggest composition of urine is water and urea. Urea is a material that has often been used in creams and moisturizers for the skin. One of the uses of urea is that it is predicted to be able to clean stains and brighten the skin.

Urea can help increase skin moisture by softening the top layer of the skin. The way taken by urea in doing this is by removing dry or rough dead skin cells. Because of this ability, urea is commonly referred to as keratolytic substances.

Using the urea component compared to applying the whole urine is of course different. Although many practices and claim the success of urine therapy, medical evidence is still very minimal. Conducting urine therapy without supervision can also be bad for the culprit. Dangers can also arise from improper urine storage or synthesis of urea which is not according to the procedure. If used by applying it, it is susceptible to causing infection both in areas that are smeared with urine and in the body. Infection that occurs can also make the skin easily injured.

In addition to the two things above, the use of urine therapy that has been practiced for a long time is to eliminate the poison of jellyfish stings. Unfortunately, treating jellyfish stings with this method is also without credible medical support. Instead of curing, the application of urine therapy, in this case, might even make things worse.

So, are you still interested in doing urine therapy after you know the facts above?
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