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5 Reasons Your Body Needs Iron

Iron is needed by the body to stay healthy. Because iron is a mineral that can do many things in our body. Starting from helping to keep the body from experiencing anemia, to maintain healthy cells of the body, nails, hair, and skin. Iron is one of the natural minerals contained in food, added to some food products, and is available as a supplement. Iron is also a major component of hemoglobin, part of red blood cells. Not only that, but iron is also useful in the body's metabolic processes, for the growth and development of normal functions of body cells, and plays a role in the formation of hormones and connective tissue.

Here are some reasons why you should not skip iron as a nutrient that your body needs.

5 Reasons Your Body Needs Iron

Lack of iron can cause anemia
The body needs red blood cells to get enough oxygen. Red blood cells are formed from hemoglobin containing iron. So, it can be said, iron is an important component as forming oxygen-carrying cells for body cells. Lack of red blood cells is called iron deficiency anemia. When menstruating, women can experience iron deficiency. Especially when the volume of blood coming out is quite a lot or the period of menstruation is long.

Lack of iron and hair loss
Iron deficiency can also cause hair loss. An easy way to overcome this is to consume enough iron in your daily menu, such as eating oysters, clams, legumes, and spinach.

Iron can help the learning process
Eating enough iron can help a person overcome learning disorders. Because iron is considered to improve a person's learning, thinking and memory processes.

Iron deficiency as a cause of fatigue
As mentioned above, iron is an important component in the formation of red blood cells. Without healthy red blood cells, the body will have problems getting oxygen. This can cause fatigue and weakness.

Iron for maternal and fetal health
When pregnant, women will need adequate iron intake. Because, iron deficiency can endanger the health of babies, such as babies born prematurely, baby's weight at birth is low, babies are susceptible to infection, and even infant mortality.

Iron is also needed by the body to produce energy from nutritious and influential intake between electrical signals in the body's nervous system. Not just for babies, iron-deficient adults are also more prone to other diseases.

Fulfill Iron Needs with This Food Consumption

Don't want to experience iron deficiency? Below are some types of foods that you can consume to meet your body's daily iron needs.

Don't think that cow liver or chicken liver does not contain nutrients at all. In fact, these foods are included in the list of foods that contain iron which is quite high. Not only iron, but the liver also contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, and various other minerals. But, still, that does not mean you can consume your heart at will without paying attention to the dose. Too much consumption of the liver can also increase cholesterol and for pregnant women, high vitamin A can be harmful to the fetus being conceived. So it is still recommended to be smart in consuming these foods.

This favorite food for Popeye cartoon characters is not only rich in vitamins, fiber, and calcium. But, spinach also contains iron in a fairly high amount. In one bowl of spinach, there are at least more than 6 mg of iron. You can consume it by boiling or sautéing to make it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients in it.

Oysters, squid, and shellfish are seafood that can meet the needs of iron for your body. One medium oyster can even provide about 5 mg of iron. Besides iron, oysters also contain several important nutrients such as vitamin B12 and zinc. If you don't like oysters, don't worry, you can replace them with tuna or salmon. Please be careful with pregnant women who want to eat seafood.

In addition to some types of foods rich in iron, you can also get iron in other types of foods such as soybeans, pumpkin seeds, other nuts, legumes, sesame seeds, and iron-fortified cereals. Now you know the importance of iron for your body, right? Start to meet your daily iron needs by processing and consuming several types of foods rich in iron. If you have certain medical conditions, consult a nutritionist for more information.
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