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Cocoa Has Flavonoids That Are Good For The Body

Congratulations for chocolate lovers. You just saved a lot of good benefits for the body. Because cocoa contains flavonoids that are rich in benefits. Not only good for heart health, but cocoa is also believed to make the body slimmer. For those of you chocolate lovers, you must know that cocoa beans are one of the basic ingredients used to make chocolate. In addition, cocoa can also be enjoyed in the form of drinks or commonly called cocoa drinks. Very delicious and useful, with a note, the cocoa content in it still dominates.

For example, want to eat chocolate, choose pure chocolate made from solid cocoa content without cocoa butter and fat. Why? Because the higher the content of cocoa without fat in it, the higher the flavonoids in it.

Cocoa Has Flavonoids That Are Good For The Body

There are various kinds of chocolate that you can find on the market. And the flavonoids in it vary in each brand. Often, the flavonoid content in cocoa will be reduced or damaged during the manufacturing process. When compared with other types of chocolate, dark chocolate has a higher flavonoid content than other types of chocolate.

Enjoy Cocoa and Take Benefits

Intrigued by the benefits contained in cocoa? Below are some of the cocoa benefits that you should know so that the moment to enjoy cocoa is more fun and calming.

  • High blood pressure
  • For those of you who have high blood pressure, try to consume cocoa. Research shows that consuming processed cocoa or dark chocolate products for about 4 months can reduce hypertension. Not only that, but consumption of cocoa can also prevent blockage of blood flow and increase blood circulation to the heart and brain.
  • Cholesterol is maintained
  • Start your morning with warm cocoa and get the benefits. Eating cocoa can also increase good cholesterol (LDL) and reduce bad cholesterol (HDL).
  • Improve memory
  • Not only good for blood pressure and cholesterol but consuming cocoa can also improve memory. The content of flavonoids in cocoa can improve the function of parts of the brain that affect age-related memory problems. In addition to consuming warm cocoa, you can also choose dark chocolate with a healthy dose of 7 chocolate bars, equivalent to 138 mg.

Apart from the above benefits, cocoa is also expected to provide other benefits. For example, reducing constipation, improving liver function, reducing fatigue, and reducing insulin resistance. Even so, further research is still needed in this regard.

Maybe you've heard that chocolate can harm the body. Starting from increasing bad cholesterol to make the body fat. That is true. But, do not compare all the chocolate that is usually sold with chocolate that contains a lot of cocoa or even pure cocoa powder. Because as explained above, enough flavonoids in cocoa provide benefits for the health of the body.

So, have you fallen in love with cocoa? Come on, start your day with a glass of warm cocoa.
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