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Facts and Myths Regarding the Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Drinking warm water is believed to bring more health benefits than drinking cold water. This claim may be true for certain things and conditions. The body will lose fluid through sweat when on the move and exposed to heat. In addition, body fluids will come out through the disposal of urine and feces and steam that comes out every exhale and from the pores of the skin, said a kidney expert. Water consumption is needed to replace the fluid so that the body's metabolism can continue to work smoothly.

But are the benefits of drinking warm water better than cold water? It's good to look at what are the facts and myths that lie behind every thought that has been circulating so far.

Facts and Myths Regarding the Benefits of Drinking Warm Water


The following conditions can really be overcome thanks to the benefits of drinking warm water.

Relieves sore throat

Cold water, especially ice water, can worsen the condition of a sore throat. Replace your drinking water with warm water to soothe it. Warm fluids will help the body to reduce throat irritation. You can add ginger, lemon or honey to help relieve sore throat immediately.

To get more benefits, you can gargle with half a teaspoon of kitchen salt added to a cup of warm water. Pain in the throat is generally accompanied by inflammation and swelling in the cells of the mucous membrane. Warm salt water can reduce swelling so the throat feels more relieved. Use the brine mixture to rinse three times a day for 30 seconds.

Relieves pain due to menstruation (dysmenorrhea)

The benefits of drinking warm water also play a role in relieving pain when women experience menstruation. Drinking fluids in sufficient amounts can prevent the body from holding fluid inside. As a result, menstrual pain can be reduced. In addition, drinking warm water is usually better because it can relax muscle cramps. Plus the consumption of warm water can increase blood flow to the skin.


Well, specifically regarding the following conditions actually cannot be overcome by consuming warm water. What are the myths in question?

Cleanses the digestive tract

There is a well-known detoxification method using approximately one liter of warm water mixed with salt every morning. This method ends with consuming laxative tea at night. This method is believed to reduce weight, restore energy, and reduce chronic symptoms such as arthritis and muscle pain.

However, until now there is no clinical evidence that supports this method. This is actually dangerous because it can cause the body to lack fluid due to diarrhea triggered by salt water and laxative tea. Dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and normal intestinal flora, coma to death can be an effect.

Burn more calories

There are claims that claim that consuming warm water burns more calories than cold water. It is precisely the fact that reveals otherwise, consuming ice water is said to burn 8 calories of the body. This is because body temperature will increase to warm cold water. But the very small number of calories (8 calories and levels with a small amount of pickled) is very insignificant compared to other activities, such as 70 percent of calories burned so that the body functions, or exercise that can burn about 20 percent of calories. However, it is still important to consume fluids, both warm and cold.

Although many of the claims above are not entirely correct, at least consuming enough mineral water every day is the best advice for keeping the body hydrated optimally. Apart from fulfilling the need for fluids from water, you can get fluids from fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water, such as watermelons, melons, and tomatoes.
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