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Find Out the Meaning Behind Your Urine Color

Urine is not just a liquid that comes out of your body. The color of urine, the large amount of urine, until the smell of urine can be a sign of the condition of your body. Get to know the meaning behind your urine condition, by knowing the meaning behind the color. Normal urine color is golden or light yellow, this color comes from a body pigment called urochrome. While colorless or clear urine indicates that you are well hydrated. Although clear urine color can also be caused by the consumption of drugs that specifically excrete urine.

Whereas unusual or abnormal urine colors can be caused by various health problems or influenced by what you consume. For example certain foods or fruit, drug consumption, dehydration, and certain medical conditions.

Find Out the Meaning Behind Your Urine Color

Recognize the Meaning of Urine Color

The following are some of the colors of urine and their meanings that you need to know, as a guide to your body's health condition.

  • Old Chocolate
Urine that is brown or dark brown can be a sign of a problem with the liver and can be a sign that you are experiencing dehydration. Dehydration itself occurs because the body loses more fluid than what gets into your body.

  • Orange
Orange or orange urine can be caused by several problems. Among other things, health problems, dehydration, and consumption of certain drugs. Drugs that can generally cause orange urine are chemotherapy drugs, laxatives, anti-inflammatory drugs or sulfasalazine, and phenazopyridine. Whereas the health condition that can cause the color of urine orange is a disorder of the liver or bile duct which is accompanied by the fecal color that looks pale.

  • Pink or Pink
If you experience urinating pink or pink, try to pay attention to other symptoms. Because the color of urine like this can be caused by food or drugs that you consume, blood and signs of certain diseases. For example, urinary tract infections, kidney disease, tumors, or prostate problems. Certain drugs for urinary tract infections and rifampin antibiotics can also cause the color of urine to turn pink.

  • Green or Blue
This one urine color might make you quite shocked. This color can be caused by a medical condition that is quite rare and can be caused by asthma and propofol anesthesia. Contact your doctor immediately if your urine color does not return to normal.

Urine color changes can occur due to several things. Although unusual urine colors can be caused by certain drugs or foods, it is recommended to pay close attention to your urine condition. For example, how long does a urine color change occur, are there any other symptoms that accompany it, and so on. Expand drinking mineral water if your urine color changes occur due to dehydration.
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