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Focus on the Abstinence of High Blood, Don't Get This Trap

The prohibition of high blood pressure is the most frequent warning for sufferers is food. This is important because the indirect effects of eating foods that are not properly preserved have the potential to worsen the condition of the illness. Many people ignore the number of calories in food consumed. In addition to making it difficult for someone to achieve ideal body weight, it can have a negative impact on those who have high blood pressure. Therefore, maintaining ideal body weight or losing weight if you are overweight or obese can help you control your high blood pressure.

In addition to the number of calories, reducing the amount of salt on your daily diet is also important. In patients with hypertension, do not consume salt more than 1500 milligrams per day. The content in foods that can help maintain blood pressure stability includes fiber, magnesium, and potassium.
Focus on the Abstinence of High Blood, Don't Get This Trap

Here are various foods that have the potential to thwart one's efforts to reduce high blood pressure.

Food packaging and chicken skin

Saturated fat and trans fat are the two main enemies for a person with high blood pressure or hypertension. One good food that is rich in saturated fat is chicken skin. Other good food sources rich in saturated fats are red meat, butter, and high-fat milk. The biggest contributor to trans fat is hydrogenated oil in packaged and ready-to-eat foods, including fried foods, sweets, chips, biscuits, and cakes. Various fatty meats and dairy products also contain small amounts of trans fat.

Consuming too much-saturated fat and trans fat is bad news for people with high blood pressure. Both can increase LDL or bad cholesterol. Soaring bad cholesterol levels make people with high blood pressure worse and their blood pressure worse and more susceptible to coronary heart disease.

Frozen packaged foods

Enough to see a pizza dish that is still warm can make saliva drip. But know that the sodium content in it can be a taboo for people with high blood pressure. Imagine the amount of salt in a combination of cheese, tomato sauce, bread, and bacon.

The bad effects of pizza will increase for hypertensive patients if they buy frozen pizza. Although the presentation is very practical because it is warmed up, but know that frozen pizza has added more salt than the pizza that is directly eaten. The salt content in every sixth of a piece of frozen pizza can reach one gram or more. The crust thickness and toping are also directly proportional to the salt content.

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks

Sipping coffee and tea in the morning is something fun and enjoyable. Besides, drinking soda that is refreshing is no less fun, right? Unfortunately, the three drinks contain caffeine which can contribute badly to people with hypertension. Caffeine is a substance that can temporarily raise the blood pressure level of the drinker.

Owners of high blood pressure should ask your doctor whether you need to limit caffeinated drinks or not. If you are afraid of caffeine can affect your blood pressure, then you should limit the drink made from only 200 mg per day. This amount is equivalent to a cup of brewed coffee with a capacity of 355 ml.


Who doesn't like to eat while accompanied by fresh pickled vegetables? To be durable and tasty, pickles are usually given salt. Unfortunately, excessive salt content can have a bad effect on the health of people with hypertension. The content of salt in pickles can reach 300 milligrams. As an anticipation step, pickles that can be chosen are pickles containing salt below 100 milligrams.

For people with high blood pressure, living a healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to maintaining stable blood pressure. In addition to avoiding foods that are high blood pressure above, also do regular exercise, decrease excess body weight, and manage stress. Quitting smoking, reducing consumption of alcoholic beverages, and maintaining a waistline remain ideal will be very helpful.
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