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Green Stools Are Normal

Stool discoloration can be surprising. However, the green stool does not really need to trigger excessive anxiety when you or family members experience it. Green stools are considered normal with several trigger factors such as diarrhea or eating too many green vegetables.

Disorders of the Digestion Process

The process of remaining food consumed as feces takes around three days. When someone experiences diarrhea, the digestive process becomes shorter. So that there is not enough processing time in the intestine that will produce a brownish color, resulting in the green stool.

Green Stools Are Normal

In addition, green stool may also be caused by consuming too many green vegetables or iron supplements. Even so, these supplements, more commonly cause black stool.

Pregnant women often experience stool discoloration, because of iron supplements or other supplements. In addition, pregnant women often experience difficulty defecating or hemorrhoids that can trigger blood in the stool.

Generally, as soon as diarrhea stops or decreases green vegetable intake, the green stool will return to normal within a few days.

However, for diarrhea that occurs more than 2-3 days can pose a risk of dehydration, so it requires a doctor's examination. In addition, if changes in green stool dissolve or dissolve with other variations such as throwing, fever, abdominal pain, it is also recommended to immediately consult a doctor.

Stool Color Watched

Green feces or other colors other than black or reddish are still considered normal.

The color of black or reddish feces is considered necessary to do bleeding in the internal organs and immediate action and treatment are needed. The stool is black because bleeding is also generally issued rotten and is more sticky than the stool in general.

Stool discoloration cannot be the only symptom that doctors use to diagnose patients. Check information about medication, health consultations, and consultation about food.

Then, the stool can be checked to see if there is blood, fat, or infection in it. If stool discoloration is considered risky, the doctor can examine several important organs such as the pancreas, liver, or digestive system.

Maintain a healthy digestive system

Three keys for a smooth digestive tract and normal stool, a diet rich in fiber, adequate water intake, and regular exercise are needed. You can eat cereals or bread with whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, and nuts.

Adequate water intake will expedite the process of regular discharge of feces, then exercise will increase metabolic and digestive processes in the body.

In general, green stool is not dangerous. However, if it happens to drag on or accompanied by other symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.
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