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Healthy Body with the Benefits of Red Beans

Small form but big benefits. The following benefits of red beans should not be missed. Red beans contain high potassium, fiber, antioxidant folate, iron, and various other minerals needed by the body. By consuming enough red beans, a person can reduce the risk of various diseases that can endanger life. Red beans can also help you get the ideal body.

The following are various benefits of red beans that you need to know and it's a shame to miss them.

Healthy Body with the Benefits of Red Beans

  • Red beans and heart
  • Love your heart by eating enough red beans a day. 100 grams of red beans have at least 15 grams of fiber, almost fulfilling the amount of fiber we need per day, which is 25 grams. Red beans also contain potassium which is good for your heart. Although it can't prevent heart problems, enough potassium can help your heart beat properly if you have a problem with the heart rhythm. This means that enough potassium also helps the heart to pump blood throughout the body, and can reduce high blood pressure. The recommended amount of potassium per day is 4700mg. Whereas in 100grams of red beans there are at least 1406mg.
  • Red beans and cancer
  • Red beans not only contain fiber which is good for heart health. Studies show that consuming enough fiber can help reduce cancer risk. The high antioxidant content in red beans can also help you reduce your risk of getting cancer.
  • Red beans and diabetes
  • Although the shape is small, red beans turned out to be very good food for those who suffer from diabetes. Red beans can help diabetics to control blood sugar levels, as well as a low glycemic index. It turns out the fiber content that helps control blood sugar in the body. Diabetics are advised to consume canned red beans without sodium or dried red beans every week.
  • Red beans and pregnancy
  • During pregnancy, a woman will absorb more iron. Iron is the basic substance that forms hemoglobin (a compound containing red blood and functions to bind oxygen) that is useful for the growth of infants and placenta. At the same time, a woman will also experience an increase in the amount of blood in the body by around 50%. So that pregnant women need more iron to form new blood cells and bind oxygen to the benefit of the whole body and the baby. Iron deficiency during pregnancy can increase the likelihood of a woman experiencing fatigue, weakness, depression, and irritability during pregnancy. Not only that, but an iron deficiency can also lead to a variety of health problems in infants, such as the weight of a baby, a baby born prematurely, or a fetus dying in the stomach. Love the fetus and yourself during pregnancy by consuming enough of the nutrients your body needs.
  • Red beans and a healthy diet
  • In order to get ideal and healthy body weight, it is not uncommon for someone to go on a diet wrong. It's not healthy to get, but it hurts. A healthy diet is to fulfill the nutrients and fiber needed by the body, pay attention to the number of calories that enter the body, and avoid consumption of saturated fats. Red beans can meet the healthy diet. Because red beans contain insoluble fiber that can facilitate digestion so that it can prevent constipation, and facilitate the disposal of toxins from the body.

Although good for health, red beans can also cause gas in the intestine. Therefore, it is necessary to do several steps that can help reduce gas levels in red beans. Among other things by boiling red beans to boiling slowly until soft. You can also replace the red bean soaking water several times and avoid using soaked water to boil the beans. Use new water. Because if not, water will absorb gas that produces sugar that is difficult to digest.

After knowing the various benefits of red beans that can be obtained, it's a shame if you just skip it. Start putting red beans into your food, for example by mixing it into soup, drinks, or putting it in a salad.
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