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Healthy Ways to Overcome Gastric Wounds Naturally

The erosion of the lining of the stomach risks causing gastric injury, especially on the walls. This condition is often referred to as gastric ulcer. As a result, the mucus layer that protects the stomach from digestive juices can be reduced. This is where digestive acid turns to gnaw at the lining of the stomach so that the walls are eroded. The most common condition caused by stomach ulcers is heartburn. Elderly people over the age of 60 are more at risk of experiencing this condition. Even though in fact, stomach ulcers can occur at any age. Actually, stomach ulcers are easily treated, but if the treatment is not right it will worsen the situation.

Healthy Ways to Overcome Gastric Wounds Naturally

Before seeing a doctor, treating mild gastric wounds can still be done by natural means. These treatments include:

Consumption of bananas

Regardless of the truth that bananas cannot remove existing gastric wounds, at least bananas can protect the stomach lining so that it can relieve heartburn symptoms. So if you start feeling symptoms of heartburn, eating enough bananas is the right choice.

Eat cassava

Eating cassava can relieve heartburn. Research has proven that cassava is healing wounds.

Consumption of pure honey

Increasing the consumption of honey can help heal stomach wounds or heartburn. Honey is a natural antibiotic that is antibacterial to H. pylori which causes stomach pain. A few tablespoons of honey every day is enough to help restore the stomach's condition.

Licorice consumption

Like honey, licorice can also be used to fight H. pylori bacteria. The extract is extracted and then consumed to help cure heartburn. However, you are advised to consult a doctor before consuming sweet root extract to avoid side effects that might be harmful.

Prioritize foods that are rich in antioxidants

Any choice of food can make free radicals enter the stomach. These free radicals break down the stomach's protective layer and make the ulcer condition worse. Therefore, consume foods that are rich in antioxidants which basically function to destroy free radicals. Foods that are rich in antioxidants include green tea, beans, chocolate, various types of berries, pomegranate juice, grape juice, and tomato-based products.

More consider foods that contain flavonoids

Flavonoids are organic compounds. Like antioxidants, flavonoids destroy free radicals so they can protect the lining of the stomach. Flavonoid-rich foods are apples, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and peaches.

Drink cabbage juice

It may sound strange if cabbage is made into juice, but the efficacy of this drink is considered effective in healing stomach wounds. Cabbage juice contains lactic acid-producing bacteria. These bacteria then naturally fight bacteria that cause pain in the stomach. The recommended dose of cabbage juice is 50 ml twice a day. The benefits of drinking cabbage juice to overcome gastric wounds are more effective when the stomach is still empty.

It should be noted that even though you have tried to treat gastric wounds in natural ways that are also healthy, still be diligent in monitoring your own development. Beware if you experience vomiting of blood with red, dark brown or coarse-textured blood like coffee powder. Also, beware if the stool is sticky and dark in color. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately see a doctor get medical treatment appropriately.
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