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How to keep the delicacy of red meat to stay friendly

Like to eat red meat like beef steak, goat satay, or beef sausage? Be careful, people who eat meat too often are more at risk of developing chronic diseases ranging from heart disease to colon cancer.  While processed red meat is red meat that has been preserved, such as smoked meat, sausages, ham, beef meatballs, or burger/patty stuffed meat.

Red meat is actually a source of protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals that are good for the body. This iron is needed especially by teenage girls and pregnant women. In addition, vitamin B12 plays a role in maintaining the immune system by maintaining the health of the quality of red blood cells, nerves and zinc.

How to keep the delicacy of red meat to stay friendly

Colon Cancer to Heart Pain

But consuming too much red meat, especially processed red meat, can increase the risk of certain diseases, such as colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer. The health risks it causes can vary according to how to process and the fat content in it.

Some types of red meat to increase the risk of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood because it contains high levels of saturated fat. LDL cholesterol is what increases the risk of heart disease.

The study found that someone who has been consuming for more than 10 years a lot of red meat and processed red meat has the possibility of dying more quickly from cancer and heart disease than those who eat less of these ingredients. In addition, red meat can be carcinogenic after going through the processing process. Cancer can also risk arising from heme iron in meat which can damage cells.

Selecting Types and Changing Processing Methods

So do we have to stop consuming this meat at all? Of course not necessary. You can still get the best nutrition from this meat by limiting and changing how to cook it. Ninety grams of red meat or the equivalent of three thin pieces of roast meat every day is the maximum number recommended for consumption.

As an estimate, this one piece of meat is roughly equivalent to half a sheet of plain bread. While for processed red meat, such as sausages and ham, it is recommended that consumers not exceed 70 grams. For example, a ham is equivalent to 23 grams and a large doner kebab is equivalent to 130 grams. Also, pay attention to the womb. Choose meat at least 95% low fat. Be careful, the contents of frozen burgers can contain up to 50 percent fat. In more detail, the following are simple ways you can do to stay healthy while eating red meat.

  • Focus on eating healthier, lean fat red meat by looking for part names beginning with ’loin’, such as tenderloin or sirloin. In addition, there are still filet mignon and round shaped steaks as other healthy choices.
  • Change beef or mutton on your dinner table with chicken or fish. For example, replacing goat satay with chicken satay.
  • When cooking food using beef sausage, such as sausage soup, multiply the vegetables and replace some sausages with chicken pieces.
  • Remove meat fat before cooking.
  • Processing red meat at high temperatures can make these foods release substances that increase the risk of cancer. Barbecues and frying cause meat to produce more carcinogenic ingredients, which are cancer-causing elements. Avoid roasting and frying red meat with too high heat. Use heat in medium temperatures or indirect fires about meat.
  • Turn the meat back and forth as often as you can when baking or frying. Avoid pressing it with a spatula to remove liquid from the meat.
  • Make sure the meat is cooked with sufficient duration until the bacteria inside it dies. But avoid cooking it until it's too ripe. Ripe red meat actually contains more cancer-triggering ingredients.
  • To shorten the duration of baking, try cooking the meat until it's half cooked in the oven or microwave first.
  • Before eating, remove the charred portion of meat is present.

In addition to the methods above, in order to avoid illness, it is important to avoid smoking and maintain weight to remain ideal by just exercising.
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