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10 Ways to Get Rid of Scars on the Face

It's not nice to have a scar, especially if it's on the face. It takes a way to get rid of facial scars that are right and effective so that unpleasant things can be overcome. Scars on the face can be caused by infection, inflammation, burning, accident, or postoperative effects. Scarring in the form of scar tissue is the result of the body's natural process of healing wounds.

Although usually, the scars will fade on their own from time to time, there are also those that feel very disturbing appearance. That way, some people think of undergoing a medical procedure in order to eliminate or disguise it.
There are various ways to remove scars on the face that can be taken, including those below.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Scars on the Face

  1. Use cream or gel
  2. To handle scars caused by scratches of sharp objects, cream or gel can be an option. Usually, over-the-counter creams contain a mixture of steroids, vitamin E, and silicon. In addition to the steroid content, doctors can also prescribe medications with antihistamines on itchy scars. If the scar is caused by zits, it is advisable to seek advice from a dermatologist before using this wound-removing cream.
  3. Apply silicone gel plaster
  4. Embossed scars, such as keloids and hypertrophic scarring, can also be helped by silicone gel tape. Silicone gel plaster is used to reduce redness and reduce size. The method used is to attach the silicone over the scar for 12 hours each day. The time needed for this therapy is usually at least three months. Use of silicone gel tape, for example, to deal with and prevent the formation of severe scars.
  5. Collagen Injections
  6. To get rid of scars on the face, it can also be done by injecting collagen or other fillers. This method is usually done to remove scars that arise, such as keloids and hypertrophic scarring. This procedure is usually temporary so it is needed repeatedly to maintain the effect.
  7. Corticosteroid injections
  8. How to remove scars on the face due to keloids or hypertrophy can be done with corticosteroid injections. Several times a small injection is given to the wound to flatten the scar and reduce the occurrence of inflammation. Although this procedure usually cannot eliminate the scars as a whole, it is likely to improve the appearance significantly.
  9. Plastic surgery
  10. If a facial wound is caused by keloids, then surgery will usually be combined with injections of corticosteroids. While for hypertrophic scarring, this operation can be performed without other procedures being combined. It's just that, be aware that surgery is effective in closing the old scars, but the effect can also cause new scars.
  11. Using laser technology
  12. How to reduce facial scars that are now commonly done is to use laser technology. This procedure can significantly eliminate or reduce facial scars. It's just that the possibility of being able to completely lose or shrink the scar depends on how severe the scar is.
  13. Radiotherapy
  14. To reduce the recurrence of keloid scars and hypertrophy of surgical scars, radiotherapy in small doses may help. It's just that, the use of radiotherapy is only devoted to serious cases given the long-term effects that are not good for health.
  15. Skin needling technique
  16. This technique is done by using a small tool that has hundreds of small needles. It's just that this must be done repeatedly so that the results are effective and the results vary depending on each individual.
  17. Wrap the wound
  18. How to remove scars on the face can also be done by wrapping the scar with elastic material. The purpose of this procedure is to smooth and soften the scar. Usually, this procedure is performed on large burn marks or after someone has done a skin graft. This procedure usually takes half to one year and wound dressing should not be removed.
  19. Disguise with cosmetics
  20. Another way to disguise facial scars is by makeup. There are various techniques for using cosmetics for the sake of this one, one of which is waterproof so that it can last for 2-3 days. Although these types of cosmetics to cover scars can be obtained at the pharmacy, it is recommended to seek medical advice before applying them.

Do the above methods wisely because these actions are carried out on your own body. If done carelessly without involving a certified aesthetic, the results obtained fear it will actually worsen the situation.
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