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Anchovy, Mini Size with Jumbo Benefits

Anchovy is one of the most popular ingredients in Asian society. Although it has a mini form, the benefits for humans who consume it are not as small as its size. Anchovy is a type of anchovy fish family. Although the size only ranges from 2-40 cm, the family of anchovies has unique taste characteristics. This fish can be consumed by humans with various types of processing, ranging from being made to salted fish to pickles in vinegar. Even in some countries, these fish are consumed raw with the aim of increasing s*xual arousal or as an aphrodisiac.

Considering that this fish is widely consumed, the question arises what are the benefits for the body besides being a good and filling food source? Some of the things below try to uncover the benefits of anchovies for health.

Anchovy, Mini Size with Jumbo Benefits

One of the fish that is well consumed by people with diabetes

One expert working on diabetes revealed that anchovies are one of the good foods for diabetics. One reason why anchovies are considered to benefit the health of diabetics is that these fish are a source of protein with low levels of saturated fats and do not contain carbohydrates. Because it is low in saturated fat and does not contain carbohydrates, anchovies will not affect blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Able to Maintain Heart Health

One of the reasons behind the suggestion to eat anchovies is the possibility that the ingredients are good for heart health. Anchovy is one fish that contains a lot of fish oil. Fish classified as oily fish are good sources of vitamins and minerals. This type of fish also contains omega-3 fatty acids. This last content is considered to have an important role to maintain heart health. Apart from anchovies, there are still tuna, mackerel, salmon, and sardines that are well consumed to support heart health.

However, keep in mind that many anchovy fish families are served in a salted way. For example, salted anchovy often colors our daily consumption. The salt content of the salted anchovy can be too high for people who suffer from certain diseases, such as heart failure and hypertension.

Reducing Pain in Dysmenorrhea

Fish oil contained in anchovy fish has the potential to be a pain reliever, suitable for women who are experiencing dysmenorrhoea or menstrual pain. This is based on a study conducted on 36 women aged 18-22 years for three months. Of these, 18 women were given fish oil from anchovies while 18 other women were given a placebo that did not contain anchovy oil.

The results of the study, groups that received fish oil supplements reported a significant difference compared to those given a placebo. The group that received supplements experienced a reduction in menstrual pain, characterized by reduced pain in the stomach and back. Participants who received fish oil supplements also needed lower doses of ibuprofen or pain relief. But of course, it needs to be remembered that this research still requires other larger studies to support the conclusions obtained.

Although anchovies are tasty and have many benefits for the body, for those who suffer from gout, it is recommended to avoid intake of anchovies. This is especially true for anchovies that have been made into salted fish. The need for gout sufferers avoids anchovies because these fish contain high amounts of purine compounds which can cause recurrence of gout.

Until now, specifically, research related to the benefits of anchovy is still very rare. But because this fish is one type of anchovy family, the research above can be used as a comparison. So there is nothing wrong if the daily menu at home is interspersed with this ingredient. Only, make sure family members who suffer from hypertension and gout do not consume it in excessive amounts.
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