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Recognize First the Dangers of Coffee Before Addiction

Drinking coffee when entering the rainy season like now is indeed delicious. Not only does it give a warm feeling, but it can also reduce drowsiness. But wait, before being lulled by pleasure and warmth, it would be better if you also recognize the dangers of coffee that might appear. Some studies do say that coffee has health benefits. But that does not mean you can enjoy it as you wish. Coffee contains caffeine which is naturally contained in some plants, which if consumed excessively is a result that is bad. The danger of coffee not only triggers disease but also death.

Pay attention to coffee consumption and avoid this row of diseases

Recognize First the Dangers of Coffee Before Addiction

How many cups of coffee did you spend today? Research shows that the consumption of coffee or caffeine in a day should only be around 400 mg or 2 cups. Excessive consumption of coffee is expected to trigger some health problems as below.

Coffee and heart health
Something excessive is definitely not good. Likewise with coffee consumption, if it is excessive, the heart can beat fast or even become irregular, and cause Another reason why coffee can be dangerous for heart health is that un-filtered coffee can trigger some things that can increase the risk of heart disease. Such as increasing homocysteine (one type of amino acid or forming proteins that are thought to be closely related to the occurrence of a heart attack), fat in the blood, and cholesterol.
Coffee and bone health
Coffee that enters the body can erode calcium from the body and expel it through the urine. As a result? Bone thinning or osteoporosis and weakening of bones. If you suffer from osteoporosis, you should start to reduce coffee consumption with a maximum consumption of 300 mg per day. Try to take calcium in supplement form to meet your daily calcium needs.
Coffee and fetal health
Like to drink coffee but are pregnant? Forget your hobby for a moment. Although still relatively safe in consuming small amounts, excessive amounts of coffee can actually inhibit fetal development and can cause miscarriages. The coffee you consume will enter the bloodstream and continue to enter the placenta. As a result, the metabolism and fetal heart rate will increase. Similarly, for those of you who plan to get pregnant, it is recommended to reduce caffeine. Studies show that caffeine can interfere with estrogen production which can make it difficult for you to get pregnant.
Coffee and digestive health
Some people who want to lose weight think that eating coffee can help. Indeed, coffee is a stimulant that can also increase metabolism. But consuming it excessively can cause diarrhea. Coffee also increases acid in the stomach. That's why someone will feel heartburn or stomach ache when consuming coffee. Too much coffee will also make the body lack a lot of water. This is because coffee is a diuretic alias triggers the formation and disposal of body fluids through urine. Because the coffee that enters the body excessively also will not become a stock in the body because it will be directly processed by the liver and out through the urine. Not only that, coffee consumption can also cause irritable bowel syndrome. That's why coffee is not good for your digestive health.

In addition to some of the dangers of coffee above, research shows that drinking coffee around 600 mg per day can trigger insomnia, irritability, anxiety, nervousness, or muscle weakness.

Even so, the danger of coffee in each person is actually different. Because everyone's metabolic rate of caffeine is different. This is caused by lifestyle and each genetic characteristic. For example, smokers will twice as fast in metabolizing caffeine than those who don't.

Coffee is delicious enjoyed during the rainy season or cold weather and can be a friend at work to get rid of sleepiness. However, remember not to overeat it. Just 2 cups a day, if you want to take advantage of coffee without saving the danger line of coffee.
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