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These Facts About Ear Piercing in Babies

"How come the baby is pierced by his ears? Not sorry? ”Ear piercing has long been applied in Asia, even today. However, it never hurts to pay attention to the following points before doing ear piercing in your baby. Ear piercing in a baby girl is usually done a few days after she was born, of course at the request of the parents. Ear piercing a newborn baby may be done for cultural reasons or beautifying the baby. Apparently, besides this, there are health benefits that can be obtained by the little one.

The benefits

Besides aesthetics, the benefits of ear piercing can also be seen from medical glasses. Pierced ears at an early age get more careful attention or care. Parents will certainly try and ensure that the baby's ears are not infected. In addition, the younger the child the less likely the appearance of scar tissue or keloids in the pierced ear.

According to an article from the Journal of Pediatrics, keloids or thick scars appear more often in the ears of pierced children when they are over 11 years old. Keloids can be difficult to treat, often requiring simple injections and surgeries to get rid of them.

These Facts About Ear Piercing in Babies

Which must be considered

If you want to do ear piercing on your newborn baby, it is advisable to pay attention to the following:

Baby age

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that ear piercing be recommended until the child is old enough to take care of his own piercings. However, there are pediatricians who suggest that ear piercing can be carried out if the baby is two months old. Although rare, the infection can occur if the baby is less than two months old, especially skin infections or fever. Whatever the age of the child, ear piercing must have risks. But according to APP, the risk is thought to be minimized if ear piercing is done carefully and taken seriously.

People who do ear piercing

Ear piercing in infants is recommended to be done by a doctor. Never pierce a child's ear at a jewelry store or shopping center. These places may use stabs (not from needles) that are not sterilized. Piercing people can also be inexperienced, not take training, or not be supervised.

Piercing needle

It is recommended to use piercing needles made of gold, silver, platinum or stainless steel. These ingredients are thought to minimize the risk of infections, rashes, and allergies.

Choose earrings

If ear piercing has been done and you want to attach earrings to your baby, it is advisable to choose earrings that are round, very small, and the front is very flat. The earrings cover must cover the entire back of the earrings. Also, make sure to choose children's earrings made of steel which are usually used for surgical instruments or at least 14-carat gold so as not to trigger an allergic reaction.

In addition, it is not recommended to wear dangling earrings on children. The baby can pull the earrings apart and injure themselves, or put them in the mouth and choke. Dangle earrings or circle shaped earrings (hoops earring) that are too big a possibility can also be stuck on jewelry, clothing, and adult hair, or can be pulled by other small children.

The pain felt by the child

Although done in just seconds, the baby will definitely feel pain if the ear piercing is done without anesthesia. If you do not have the heart, you can ask the doctor whether the baby's ear skin can be smeared with anesthesia before the piercing is done.

Care for pierced children's ears

After the child's ears are pierced, don't remove the earrings for six weeks or until the wound is dry. Apply alcohol around the ear lobe twice a day and rotate the earrings at least once a day. Use to reduce the possibility of infection and speed up the healing process. In addition, every child has finished bathing, drying the area around the piercing so that it is not damp. After six weeks, piercings will usually dry out and you can replace the child's earrings so that the holes are not closed.

If after ear piercing the baby shows symptoms of an infection; allergy; his ears bleed, festering, or inflamed; or the ear is torn because the earrings are released, immediately refer to the nearest doctor or hospital.

Ear piercing in infants is not prohibited, but don't forget to pay attention to safety and health if you want to do it to your baby.
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