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Benefits of Chilli to Relieve Stomach Disorders

The spicy taste of chili is often blamed as a cause of stomach pain. However, actually, the benefits of chili are just the opposite. The contents of chili can relieve stomach disorders. Chili consists of various different types spread across various continents, including Asian countries. This plant originated from the American mainland which then spread as food and medicine. The taste is hot and hot when chili is smeared, felt or swallowed, caused by capsaicin or capsaicin.

Benefits of Chilli to Relieve Stomach Disorders

Launch the digestive tract

Chilies can be consumed fresh or dried for preservation purposes. Dry chilies are also not often pounded to be served in powder form. Fresh chili will enrich the taste of the salad or pasta served. In addition, chili can also be grilled or burned to blackish color.

Unlike the general view that accuses chili as a cause of stomach ache, chili can be used to treat various digestive disorders. For example, discomfort in the stomach (dyspepsia), abdominal pain, gas in the intestines, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and others.

Scientific research found that eating chili in the form of powder, sauce or chili-containing foods has a lower risk of stomach ulcers. The comparison was made between people who consumed chili about 24 times per month, compared to those who consumed only 8 times per month.

During this time, patients with gastric ulcer are asked to limit or avoid chili. However, the research found chili is not the cause of gastric ulcers. Capsaicin in chili does not stimulate the formation of stomach acid, it actually prevents it. Capsaicin will stimulate alkaline conditions in the stomach, and facilitate blood circulation which helps prevent and even treat stomach ulcers.

However, not all conditions for digestive disorders can be helped by chili. The study found that direct consumption of chili was not proven to be able to relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

Rich in Nutrition

Calories in chili are also low, along with fiber content and various beneficial nutrients, such as vitamin A, C, folic acid, potassium. In addition, chili also contains magnesium and iron.

In particular, the benefits of chili with vitamin C can help absorb the body against iron from the intake of other foods, such as nuts and seeds. In addition, chili is also said to be able to help you lose weight because it can suppress appetite while increasing the body's metabolism.

When the body feels less energy, capsaicin in chili will help encourage an increase in body temperature which makes the body more energetic. The study, published in the medical journal in the United Kingdom, found the possibility of consuming fresh chilies in preventing diabetes or cancer.
Do you want to feel the pleasure of serving a dish but fear spiciness? Don't worry, there are tricks you can do. Forget water, provide milk next to your food. Fat in milk will immediately neutralize the spicy taste in the mouth.

Although the benefits of chili are not small, you should avoid excessive consumption. Consult with a doctor or nutritionist for those who have special health conditions before consuming chili.
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