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Causes and Ways to Relieve Sputum Cough in Babies

Causes and Ways to Relieve Sputum Cough in Babies - Coughing up phlegm on the baby can certainly make the baby uncomfortable. Parents need to understand how to properly handle cough with phlegm in infants. The most common cause of coughing experienced by infants is a virus, which usually also causes colds (common cold). Although there are also other causes such as whooping cough, bronchiolitis (inflammation of the air pockets in the lungs), croup cough (caused by viral infections around the respiratory tract and larynx or vocal cords or voice box), and coughs that are not due to infections such as asthma.

Efforts to Cleanse the Lungs and Throat

If a dry cough will feel itchy and without mucus, a cough with phlegm will produce mucus to help clear the respiratory tract.

Causes and Ways to Relieve Sputum Cough in Babies

Phlegm is thicker than nasal fluid or commonly called snot. Phlegm is produced by the lower respiratory tract such as the lungs and surrounding respiratory system, not in the nose or sinus that produces snot.

To note, coughing is a reflex by the body to cleanse the respiratory tract of mucus, and other irritants such as dust or smoke.

In dry coughs, coughing is an attempt to relieve itching in the throat. Meanwhile, in cough with phlegm, the cough is an attempt to remove mucus from the lungs. Coughing is also an attempt to clear mucus from the back of the throat. This often happens if the baby has a cold and mucus runs down the throat.

Coughing is often accompanied by fever in infants or sore throat, and a nose full of mucus or stuffiness. Sometimes accompanied by red eyes, swollen lymph nodes in the armpits, neck, or the back of the head to cause the baby to be fussy.

Helps Relieve Sputum Cough

According to one expert, one effective way to deal with thick fluids such as sputum is by increasing fluid intake. It will also help the baby's body overcome the infection.

Parents can also use warm water vapor in a closed room to help relieve baby's breathing.

Avoid over-the-counter medicines without consulting your doctor to treat a cough with phlegm in the baby. Avoid giving honey to babies under one year, this is to avoid the possibility of food poisoning.
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