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Lose Weight by Listening to Chewing Sounds

Lose Weight by Listening to Chewing Sounds - Food has a characteristic aroma, color, texture, temperature, taste, and even sound that arises while being chewed. Eating with full awareness of what we eat and how the characteristics of these foods can make us feel more satisfied and satisfied with what we eat, thus preventing us from eating much or not being controlled. How to eat like this we can apply as part of a healthy diet which one of the benefits is to maintain ideal body weight.

A study shows that someone who is more aware when he eats, including hearing sounds while chewing, tends to eat less. Conversely, eating while watching television or listening to music loudly is said to make you eat more than you should.

Lose Weight by Listening to Chewing Sounds

Television and music can muffle the sound of your chew. Your hands continue to feed food to your mouth, while your eyes and ears are distracted by something else. Without realizing it, your plate is empty without you enjoying, without you feel or without realizing the aroma. If you have this, then what remains is a sense of dissatisfaction. To satisfy you, you eat again and again.

An expert involved in the study revealed that the sound of chewing is a taste of food that we often forget, even though the sound of food is still important. What is the pleasure of a soda without a special hiss or carrots without a crisp sound? In addition, we can reduce consumption if it permeates more eating activities, including enjoying the sound of food being chewed.

Other studies have revealed that if we don't pay attention to how much food has gone into the mouth, we can eat more. Remember that the key is that we eat not only using the mouth, but the other five senses including the eyes and ears need to be invited to enjoy food too. This is the simplest step to prevent overeating that can invite uncontrolled weight gain.

How to Enjoy Food Sounds?

We are often less aware of messages from our own body, from our heart, and even from cells in our body. By eating mindfully, we are helped to learn to listen to our own bodies, such as the appearance of hunger and feeling sufficient. That way, we become more familiar with hunger and how to best feed our bodies.

For starters, you can try the following tips:

  • Try sipping a drink and pay attention to all the feelings that arise from each sip about how it tastes, the temperature, and all its characteristics.
  • Try to stop all your activities when eating.
  • If you are chased by a task deadline so you have to eat while reading, typing or other, try to do it alternately. When bribing food, stop your activities for a moment to pay attention to your food and then go back to work, and so on.
  • When eating with friends or family, ask them to eat in silence for some time after the first bite. Enjoy the pleasure and try to imagine that to be able to eat your dish, many people have prepared it before the food can be served.

If you want to eat mindfully, devote your attention to the experience of eating and drinking from inside and outside our bodies. Enjoy each chew sound, color, aroma, texture, and taste. Be aware of where you feel hungry and where you feel satisfied, and how you feel half full.

Eating mindfully might indeed make you not eat much, but you still need to pay attention to what goes into your stomach. Make sure you choose healthy foods and drinks too.
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