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What Is the Result of Using Too Much Salt?

What Is the Result of Using Too Much Salt? - Without salt, food will taste bland. But putting too much salt in food is also not good for health. No doubt, salt is one of the most important and main ingredients of cooking. Without salt, all dishes will taste less delicious. And not only as a seasoning, but salt is also beneficial for the body. Salt consists of two elements, namely sodium and chloride. Sodium is needed so that the body can function properly, maintain body fluid balance, help nerves and muscles work, and control blood pressure and volume. While chloride helps the body digest food.

If Salt builds up in the body

All of these benefits can be felt if the total amount of salt that enters the body is in accordance with the specified level, which is 6 grams per day or one teaspoon per day. If the level of salt in the body is excessive, you are prone to developing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, gastric cancer, and other health problems.

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How did it happen? If the level of sodium in the bloodstream is high, the kidneys will pass it through urine. But if under certain conditions where the kidneys are unable to get rid of the excess, then sodium will begin to accumulate in the blood. Sodium will attract and hold fluid in the bloodstream. As a result, blood volume will increase to make the heart work harder and increase pressure in the arteries.

And although sodium in salt is very important for nerve health, too much can actually have serious negative effects on the body. According to a nutritionist, sodium plays a major role in sending nerve impulses from the brain throughout the body. But too much sodium can actually interfere with normal nerve function.

Sodium that enters the body not only comes from salt but also from various foods and drinks that we consume. Examples are anchovies, cheese, sauces, bacon, ham and salami, pickles, shrimp, marinated beans, smoked meat or fish, soy sauce, yeast extract, bread, chips, pizza, prepared foods, sausages, cereals breakfast, mayonnaise, and so on.

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Therefore, it is advisable to cut the intake of salt in the body. The researchers even found that reducing processed foods rich in sodium can balance mineral levels in the body. Of course, accompanied by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Salt intake can be reduced by:

  • When cooking at home, control how much salt you use.
  • When shopping, check the food label first so you can buy food or drinks with low sodium levels.
  • Eat more fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious foods.
  • Use other seasonings, because salt is not the only choice. You can add flavor by adding lemon juice, lime juice, or fresh chili.
  • If cooking or eating with sauce, use only a little.
  • Reduce the intake of salty snacks.

Come on, love your body and start living healthy by reducing salt intake in your food.
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