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The Make-Up Product Has an Expiration Period

The Make-Up Product Has an Expiration Period - Check your bag, there may be makeup products that have rarely or even not been used since it was purchased. Then, also check your dressing table. Be careful not to store make up products for too long, because there are ages of use and expiration periods that need attention. A dermatologist asserts, almost all makeup products are made stable and last for a certain amount of time. If it has passed the life period, it will appear color changes or less than the maximum when used. The worst is that it can lead to infection.

Unfortunately, there aren't many products that have a lifetime or an expiration date. Following are general guidelines for makeup and the expiration of makeup products:

The Make Up-Product Has an Expiration Period

Powder, blush and eye shadow
The powder is generally safe for use up to 2 years unless there is a change in color or odor. Likewise, blush and eye shadow in powder form have a life span of 1-2 years. That is because the powder form make-up products contain very little water, making it difficult for bacteria to develop.

However, powdered makeup products with natural ingredients, such as aloe vera or jojoba have a slightly different lifetime. This product has expired, when it seems difficult to blend with the skin or more easily destroyed.

In addition, pay attention to the cleanliness of a brush or sponge to sprinkle the powder on the face, because there may be harmful bacteria in it.

Liquid foundation products that are stored properly, can be used for up to one year. For sensitive or prone skin, you should avoid putting your finger in the bottle. It is recommended to use a brush or sponge.

The foundation that has not been used optimally, will appear thicker and uneven when used on the skin. There are several types of bacterial triggers that are commonly found in foundation products a few months old. This bacterium is also a risk for skin health.

Lipstick, lip gloss, and Lip Liner
For lipstick and lip gloss or lip balm, the useful life is generally around two years. Meanwhile, lip liners can be used for more than two years. Because it is in the form of a pencil, this product can be reshaped so that it replaces its surface.

If it has passed the life period, the product for the lips will look dry. Long-lasting lipstick products may have a shorter service life than common lipsticks.

Replace your lip products immediately, if you notice a change in color, appear smelly or appear to grow mold. To extend the service life, avoid sharing usage with others.

Mascara and liquid eyeliner
Mascara and liquid eyeliner have a short service life, around 3-4 months. Because every time you use, there is a risk of bacteria entering the package.

An expert said preservatives in these products are not durable. If it has passed the life span, mascara and eyeliner will feel sticky, the hairs appear on the packaging together and can no longer produce maximum makeup. Eyeliner pencils have a longer service life, especially if the edges of the surface are often cleaned and scraped

To optimize mascara and liquid eyeliner, gently pull and rotate the handle, avoiding movements such as pumping (in and out) on the handle before wearing it.

Nail polish
Generally the use of nail polish around 1-2 years. Avoid storing nail polish in the bathroom, because the formula is sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity.

When nail polish has entered an expiration period, it can be recognized by changes in texture. Expired nail makeup products can spread bacterial and fungal infections.

Hair products
Hair products, such as shampoos and conditioners or hair creams, can be used for about one year. Be sure to close the packaging properly after each use. This is done to prevent water or air that can damage the product formula.

The alcohol content that is widely used by hair products as a preservative, makes it more durable than other products. Replace this hair product immediately if an unusual smell or strange odor occurs when used.

Protect yourself from expired makeup products and the risks to your skin. Pay close attention to life. Also, avoid lending cosmetic products to each other. Consult a dermatologist if there are changes to the skin or other complaints.
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