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Tips so that the equipment for eye makeup does not trigger irritation

Tips so that the equipment for eye makeup does not trigger irritation - Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara can make the eyes look more beautiful. However, you need to be careful because this makeup equipment might jeopardize your vision if you use it according to the correct procedures. Actually, eye cosmetic equipment is generally safe to use as long as it is used in an orderly manner. Over time, it does not rule out fungus and bacteria that can grow on the packaging of cosmetic equipment. If you neglect to clean the rest of the makeup, it means you allow the transfer of various bacteria and fungus to the eye.

Tips so that the equipment for eye makeup does not trigger irritation

So that your eyes can look beautiful while staying healthy, there are some tips for using special eye makeup equipment. Here are the ways you can follow:

  • Make it a habit to wash your hands before wearing makeup equipment for the eyes.
  • If your eyes are experiencing irritation, infection, or red-eye, don't use eye makeup to avoid getting worse.
  • Try to avoid using eyeliner that contains kohl. Sometimes kohl eyeliner contains excessive levels of lead.
  • Avoid giving water to mascara that has dried, let alone wearing it. Change mascara when it's dry. Even if it's not dry, you still have to replace the mascara and other makeup every 2-4 months. You are also advised to note the date when you first opened the mascara packaging. The goal is to find out when to get rid of the mascara when it expires.
  • Eyeshadow and other types of eye makeup equipment may contain mercury as a preservative. Food and drug regulatory agencies limit the use of 1 ppm in makeup equipment as a safe limit. Always choose cosmetics that have clear safety.
  • Avoid wearing makeup equipment on the eyes when you are in a vehicle. The instability of motion of a vehicle or a vehicle that stops suddenly can make makeup equipment hurt the eyes.
  • Make sure you wear makeup on the outside eyes. Avoid wearing makeup on the inside of the eye to avoid contamination due to makeup.
  • Change or clean your makeup sponge and brush regularly to make sure you have clean makeup equipment.
  • Determine the use of a makeup tool for only one part of the face. That is to minimize the spread of bacteria from one part of the face to another. In addition, follow the procedures for use according to the procedures on the packaging.
  • Avoid storing makeup equipment for eyes in high-temperature places, such as in a car. If you like to take a bath with hot water, then the heat collected in the bathroom can have a negative effect on makeup too.
  • Never share eye makeup equipment with friends because of the risk of transmitting bacteria.
  • Avoid using makeup tools that contain glitter, colorful, and shiny. Supporting materials for these types of makeup are likely to irritate the eyes, even scratching the eyes.
  • If you wear contact lenses, the use of makeup for the eyes must be more careful because the eyes that use contact lenses can be more sensitive to experience irritation.
  • Make sure you clean your face and eyes from makeup, every time you sleep at night.

Makeup tools for eyes generally contain safe ingredients. The important thing is to use it properly and correctly.
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