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Healthy Breakfast Menu For Families

Some people often oversleep for breakfast, especially on weekends. Instead of waiting for lunch, we might prefer to prop up the stomach first aka eating brunch (breakfast-lunch or late breakfast). However, unfortunately, the brunch calorie meal can jump up quickly and disrupt your diet program, especially when eating outside the home. For health reasons, you can still eat your oversized breakfast while still paying attention to certain menus and tips to minimize the effects that make it unhealthy.

Here are some brunch menus that you can make yourself at home or buy outside.

Healthy Breakfast Menu For Families


Eggs occupy the title of A in terms of nutrition because they contain several important nutrients, such as choline, vitamin B and vitamin D. So, it never hurts to make omelet contents. To make one serving of omelet, you need three eggs, but don't use all of the egg yolks. Use three parts of egg white and one part of egg yolk only. The goal is to reduce the amount of calorie intake.

As for the ingredients, you can use onions, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, and a dash of cheese. Enter the ingredients directly, but don't saute or fry them first. And don't add sausages or bacon because the calories will be large.

Processed potatoes

You can make french fries or hashbrown, aka french fries. Serve these processed potatoes with a vegetable salad to provide high nutrition with low calories. It is recommended not to eat potatoes with bread because your amount of carbohydrate intake will double.

Yogurt with pomegranate

This dish is very easy to make. You need about 12 tablespoons of low-fat plain yogurt, a quarter cup of pomegranate seeds, one tablespoon of sliced almonds, and one teaspoon of honey. To make it, you just need to mix all the ingredients.


Prepare oatmeal with two tablespoons of brown sugar. Serve with chunks of fruit.

Salmon Bread

You can make thin sandwiches served with smoked salmon, low-fat cream cheese, and sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.

Pancakes or waffles

In addition to the menu options above, you can choose other menus. Try one pancake or waffle, but just choose one, don't eat both at the same time. As for sprinkles, choose fresh fruit chunks instead of sweet syrup or whipped cream.

Choose foods that taste delicious and fresh because they tend to make you satisfied so you don't need large portions. As for the drinks, you can choose orange juice or pure orange juice. Enjoy!
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