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Source of Vegetable Protein and Its Benefits for Health

Beef, chicken, and fish are well-known sources of protein that are commonly used as the mainstay of many people. In fact, protein compounds can still be obtained from plants too easily. Nutrition obtained from this plant is called vegetable protein. A person on a vegetarian diet does not need to worry about how to meet the needs of protein for the body. With the right combination of seeds and nuts, the body's need for this substance can be fulfilled.

What Are the Sources of Vegetable Protein Around Us?

Source of Vegetable Protein and Its Benefits for Health

The source of vegetable protein can be obtained easily around us. Some good foods used as sources of these compounds include:


The first source of vegetable protein that is popular and easily obtained is nuts. Another advantage of this one protein source is that it has a lot of variety. More delicious, this food source can be processed to be a great meal companion or as a snack in his spare time. The protein content in legumes is high. In a cup of cooked soybeans, there are at least 23 grams of protein. While in a cup of kidney beans, black beans or beans, there are at least 13-15 grams of protein.


Another good food source as a source of vegetable protein is tofu. Know yourself no longer need to doubt the ease of obtaining it as well as its popularity in society. Of about 115 grams of tofu, there are about 9 grams of protein. Besides being easily obtained, tofu is also easily applied to food and can be consumed at any time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, to snacks.

Fermented soybean in blocks

For the vegetarian diet, fermented soybean is a very important source of protein. It can be said that this one foodstuff is a twin sister of tofu because it has the same raw materials even though the processing techniques are a little different. From a cup of fermented soybean, there are at least 30 grams of protein. Fermented soybean is also a rich source of calcium and iron.

Wheat bread

A source of vegetable protein that is no less easy to obtain is wheat bread. Usually, this delicious-tasting bread is consumed at breakfast. In two slices of whole wheat bread, there are at least 10 grams of protein.

Some of the Advantages of Vegetable Protein

Protein consumption is important, but relying too much on red meat can actually be bad for the body. Fatty meat which is considered as the main source of protein can contribute to heart disease, stroke, kidney disorders, liver disease, colon cancer, and osteoporosis. Considering that too many risks are stored in animal protein sources, consuming vegetable protein is considered by some to be more beneficial.

Is it really profitable? It might be true because vegetable protein holds potential good effects for health, including:

Associated with a decrease in blood pressure

Vegetable protein is rich in glutamic acid which is a type of amino acid. Glutamic acid compounds according to a study said to have a relationship with the condition of low blood pressure. This is in line with other studies that examine the benefits of vegetable protein in lowering blood pressure.

Amino acid itself is a group of compounds that build proteins. Glutamic acid accounts for 23 percent of protein obtained from people who consume vegetables as the main source of protein. While for people who get protein from animals, glutamic acid can only be obtained as much as 18 percent. To get good protein that can reduce blood pressure, it can be done with a diet low in salt and high in vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

Good for heart health

Thanks to the benefits of vegetable protein in lowering blood pressure, it indirectly provides a good effect on heart health. Thanks to this protein, blood pressure when the heart contracts is lower by 1.5 to 3.0. Vegetable protein can also reduce blood pressure when the heart is resting 1.0 to 1.6 points.

According to research, lowering people's average blood pressure when the heart contracts by up to 2 points, has the potential to cut the death rate from strokes by up to 6 percent. Also, this has the potential to reduce mortality due to coronary heart disease by up to 4 percent.

Easy to obtain and can be processed into a variety of heavy and light foods is a superior food source of vegetable protein. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to change their lifestyle from a full meat diet to a vegetarian-style diet.
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