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Sports that Lose Weight Quickly

The speed of the body's metabolic processes cannot be fully controlled. But what can be controlled is the level of activity that we do every day. Calories will burn more quickly in more active people. This is why you need to recognize the type of exercise that is fast to lose weight. Metabolism is the body's process of converting calories in food and drinks into energy so that the body can function. Many people take certain drugs to speed up the metabolic process so that weight loss quickly decreases. However, the effectiveness of this technique is still not proven to be able to beat a sport that is fast losing weight.

Exercise, the Best Way to Lose Weight

Sports that Lose Weight Quickly

As a guide to choosing, below you can examine the various types of exercise that people do with a bodyweight of 73 kilograms for an hour. How many calories can you burn?

  • High impact aerobics: 510 calories.
  • Low impact aerobics: 350 calories.
  • Cycling with a speed of approximately 16 km/hour: 280 calories.
  • Basket: 560 calories.
  • Bowling: 210 calories.
  • Dancing: 210 calories.
  • Canoeing: 245 calories.
  • Soccer: 560 calories.
  • Jump rope: 825 calories.
  • Running speed of 8 km/hour: 580 calories.
  • Swimming at moderate speed: 685 calories.
  • Tae Kwon do: 720 calories.
  • Yoga: 280 calories.
  • Walk 5.6 km/hour: 300 calories.
  • Tennis: 560 calories.
  • Tai chi: 210 calories.
  • Volleyball: 280 calories.

You can choose which is most suitable for you. Aerobic exercise such as swimming, biking, and walking are the most effective types of activity to burn fat. Activities at home, such as washing cars to gardening, can also be a calorie-burning activity. Also, strength training such as lifting weights accelerates weight loss because muscle tissue burns more calories than other body tissues.
Also, according to a cardiology professor, jumping rope is a sport that loses weight quickly and is good for heart health. This exercise strengthens the upper and lower body but puts direct pressure on the hips, ankles, and knees. If done correctly, this exercise is more effective at burning calories than jogging.

Interval Training

Early research found that interval training can also increase glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is believed to burn calories more effectively. The purpose of high intensity is to use as much energy as possible in a short time.

This exercise is done by increasing the speed and intensity of exercise to the maximum, then returning to the speed according to your convenience. Repeat again by increasing speed, then back again. For example, if it is done with a static bicycle, you can start warming up for 2 minutes, then 30 seconds pedaling a static bicycle as fast as possible, followed by 4 minutes of light paddling. Then repeat this stage.

Cycling with a static bicycle can be chosen because it has minimal risk. Other sports such as running are not suitable for those who are obese, because they run the risk of damaging the joints and are not appropriate for heart sufferers.

If you want to be more serious, exercise accompanied by a personal instructor can help the practice become more focused and motivated. However, don't forget to give the muscles time to rest between sports. At the beginning of exercising, you can take two days to pause before you start exercising again.

In general, there is no reason not to move actively. You can even still get the benefits of exercise by moving actively for at least 30 minutes a day, such as going up and downstairs to move to the floor, walking out of the office for lunch, or walking to the station or bus stop.

In addition to exercising fast to lose weight, body calories can be trimmed by reducing food portions, replacing high-calorie and low-nutrition foods with those that are rich in nutrients and low in calories. Beware of supplements that claim to accelerate metabolic processes for weight loss. Products like this actually have the risk of containing dangerous side effects. Better manage metabolism with healthy ways such as exercise that quickly lose weight and healthy eating patterns.
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