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All Can Become Free Germs Agent, Including You

All Can Become Free Germs Agent, Including You

Nearly every place on earth has microbes, or what we call germs. Germs can easily be found on all surfaces of objects including items at home, even on your own body. Even food and drinks do not rule out germs. The air we breathe, the water we use every day, the plants we plant, to domestic animals that are considered like friends remain inseparable from the presence of microbes. Luckily, most germs do not harm humans.

All Can Become Free Germs Agent, Including You
All Can Become Free Germs Agent, Including You

Even so, do not forget that some other types of germs mean an agent that has the potential to endanger health. If most germs can be overcome by the immune system, then few of them are formidable opponents. These germs that are considered tough can mutate continuously so that they can eventually penetrate the human immune system.

Well, the sadness of these dangerous germs is easily spread due to negligence in caring for things, even at home even though we consider it to be a clean area. Also, behavior that often does not heed personal hygiene.

Beware of Hidden Germs in Your Home

Items that are inhabited by germs at home are usually something that we often use, both alone and sharing with other family members. We do not realize that the things we think are clean can actually be inhabited by many germs. Be aware of the following items:

  • Mobile phone

  • Activities daily require us to move in an open space. I don't know what germs are on our hands. Then we unconsciously hold a cellphone, not to mention lending it to friends.
  • Handbag

  • When we are busy moving where we go to school or work, starting from when we get out of the vehicle, sitting in a cafe, until arriving at the office, all kinds of germs might get on our bags. Who knows, maybe there are already 16 million microbes that inhabit our handbags at home.
  • Toilet paper container

  • When people take turns taking tissue or alternately filling tissue with a container, various germs and bacteria can accumulate in it. Be careful, the tissue used also has the risk of germ infestation, making the user at risk of developing bladder infections, uterine infections, and pneumonia.
  • Sponge for washing tableware

  • Medical research related to kitchen cleanliness reveals that dishwashing sponges can contain 200 thousand times more germs compared to a toilet seat. In other words, this sponge is a household tool that can contain the most germs.

Behavior that Facilitates the Spread of Germs

Having a clean place to stay is the first step in reducing the risk of spreading germs. But after that, the spread of germs does not just stop. Some of the behaviors below we should stop.

  • Forgot to keep hands during colds and flu

  • Generally, someone will close his mouth when sneezing or coughing with bare hands. Such behavior will make it easier for germs to spread to others because hands are often used to touch other people.
  • Directly touch food

  • Directly touching food served with unclean hands then putting it in your mouth can also be a cause of the easy spread of germs. Food that is left behind is also more likely to have been contaminated with germs from our hands and can later be spread to other people who also eat these foods.
  • Preparing food in an inappropriate way

  • Raw food ingredients that are about to be cooked are likely to contain lots of germs. These germs can stick to the hand and if the hand touches other food, the germs can spread. If one of these foods is served without being cooked, for example, a salad, then the germs that have settled in the food can spread and infect those who consume it. Generally, the symptoms that appear are abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever.
  • Careless when handling the sick

  • Dealing with sick people can also be a powerful way to spread germs. This is very likely to happen especially if after touching a sick person directly touching another person.

Stop Being a Germicidal Agent in This Way

So that the spread of germs, especially those that endanger health, can be minimized, then some of these actions can be done.

  • Do not wander when sick

  • Going to work or school when suffering from infectious disease has the potential to cause people who happen to be close to you to experience illness as well. Therefore, ask permission from your boss or school to rest at home while you are sick.
    Conversely, if there are friends or family members who are sick, try not to be too intense close to them. If you have to treat sick people, use adequate personal protection, and don't forget to wash your hands to avoid transmission to others.
  • Prepare tissue when the flu

  • If forced to go to work or school, always prepare a tissue in your pocket. Use a tissue to cover your nose or mouth when sneezing or coughing so that people around you are not infected.
  • Wash hands with soap

  • Washing hands with soap after handling objects or before eating is effective action in preventing you from becoming a free germ-dispersing agent. Handwashing with soap should also be done after using the bathroom.
  • Clean the house with clean tools

  • If the house is cleaned with tools that are not clean, then what happens is only the process of spreading germs to all parts of the house.

To prevent this, take action on the following cleaning tools:

If you can, use a disposable washcloth. If you feel the cloth is still suitable for reuse, wash it with disinfectant first.

Make sure the brush is cleaned after use, so wash it regularly with a mixture of warm water and detergent liquid after use.

Clean the floor with a clean mop. Use two buckets where one bucket is a container of water with a floor cleaning detergent and the other bucket of water to rinse. Clean all equipment with a disinfectant and dry after each use.

Many things can make the spread of germs out of control. Sadly, most of the causes of this are our own actions. Seeing these facts, then it should be for us to be more responsible in protecting the environment and behavior.
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