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Food Choices for Blood Type AB Diet

Blood type diet is a dietary arrangement for weight loss, which is done based on a person's blood type. The types of foods that are recommended and avoided in this diet vary for each blood type. Likewise for blood type AB, as a blood type that is quite rare.

Diets based on blood type were popularized by a naturopathic doctor named Peter D'Adamo. According to him, the success of a person's diet program depends on the match between food intake and blood type. A diet program that is following blood type will make the body digest food more efficiently, get extra energy, lose weight, and avoid disease.

Food Choices for Blood Type AB Diet

Right Menu for Blood Type AB Diet

People with blood type AB are considered to have low stomach acid. The right menu for a diet for those of you who have blood type AB is seafood, milk, tofu, and green vegetables.

In addition to suggestions for eating certain types of food, several types of foods should be avoided if you want to go on an AB blood type diet, namely meat, including smoked meat and processed meat, caffeinated drinks, and alcoholic drinks.

One of the things that must be considered in carrying out a blood type diet according to Peter D'Adamo's theory is the content of lectins in food. Eating foods that contain improper lectins can cause negative effects, such as clumping of red blood cells.

To maximize your desired weight loss, you should avoid consuming processed foods or simple carbohydrates, and should always be balanced with regular exercise every day.

Has this diet been scientifically proven?

Until now there has been no scientific evidence that shows that diets based on blood type, including blood type AB, are effective in losing weight. According to many medical experts, blood type has nothing to do with health, especially in terms of diet to lose weight.

However, some people managed to lose weight after undergoing a blood type diet. However, experts believe its success is more influenced by other factors. For example, due to restrictions on food intake that is lived in a disciplined manner, balanced with regular exercise, and still maintain health.

Diets based on blood type can be run if you are in good health. However, this diet is not suitable to be applied if you have certain health conditions, such as diabetes, because certain foods might conflict. For example, on a diet program, it is recommended to consume a high intake of protein, while some people with diabetes may be advised to avoid dairy products or certain types of meat so that it is contradictory to the treatment plan.

To determine whether this type of diet can be useful and suitable for you, you should consult further with a nutritionist. AB blood type diet program is actually fine, but it is better to keep the body healthy. Never sacrifice health just for the sake of weight loss. After all, your health is first.
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