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Like This How To Slimming, The Body Based On Age

There are various ways to streamline the body. You can choose one of them is to apply the method of slimming based on age. As we get older, weight tends to be easier to gain. This weight gain is influenced by various things ranging from hormonal changes in the body to the lifestyle that is lived.

The following slimming strategies can be chosen based on your age:

Like This How To Slimming, The Body Based On Age

The 30s

When entering the age of 30, the body will experience loss of muscle mass related to age. The number of calories burned in the body will decrease as you enter this age. Well, based on this, do the following:

  • Exercising Abdominal Muscles with Pilates
  • Some women when they are in their 30s, already have children so that their body shape will experience changes after childbirth. Not surprisingly, at this age, exercise becomes an important part of maintaining body shape. The recommended exercise at this age range is pilates. Based on research, this exercise is considered more effective in training abdominal muscles than sit-ups, as well as being able to strengthen the back and pelvic muscles.
  • Meet protein needs
  • When you are in your 30s, weight training is needed to maintain muscle mass. This is needed so that the burning of calories due to metabolism remains stable. To maintain muscle mass, protein is needed. And to meet the required protein intake, you can eat salmon, meat, milk, cheese, soy, and various types of beans. The benefits of protein are to overcome hunger and increase body metabolism.
  • Adequate calcium intake
  • At this age, calcium intake for the body is so important because the bones may begin to experience loss. Well, to meet calcium intake, you are advised to consume cheese, yogurt, milk, sardines, soybeans, and various types of dark leafy vegetables such as spinach. Foods that contain calcium are not only good for bone health but also help the body burn more fat.

The 40s

When you are in your 40s, losing weight will be increasingly difficult. This can be caused by changes in activity, eating habits, and the influence of hormones. Do the following as a way to streamline the body in their 40s:

  • Choosing High Protein Foods
  • Protein can increase metabolism in the body, and make the stomach feel full longer. This is very important for slimming. Also, protein increases the body's immune system, reduces inflammation and pain, and increases oxygen flow. The habit of consuming protein must be continued, especially protein that has not been contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, or growth hormones.
  • Exercise 2-3 times per week
  • At this age, the body's metabolism begins to slow down, making slimming the more difficult. It is recommended that you exercise regularly that strengthens at least 2-3 times a week to maintain your weight. Sports that are recommended for the age of 40 in the form of bodyweight training such as push-ups and squats. Because, the more muscle in the body, the more calories burned.
  • Don't skip breakfast
  • Breakfast is very important to do. The experts recommend for a healthy breakfast, including eating oatmeal or whole wheat bread with fruit. This habit can reduce hunger and prevent overeating during lunch hour. In addition to breakfast, you are also advised to always include vegetables and fruit on each food menu consumed.
  • Enough Sleep
  • At the age of 40, sleep can be a mess because of various things, ranging from health problems, the effects of treatment, menopause, to stress. Now, a messy and not quality sleep time can affect your weight gain. Research on more than 60 thousand women shows that sleeping only 5 hours can trigger weight gain of 1.3 kg more than those who sleep for 7 hours.

The 50s

At this age, women will enter perimenopause, which is the transition period before entering menopause. At this time the body's metabolism will slow down so that many women are vulnerable to gain weight at this age range. No need to worry, here's how to lose weight that can be applied:

  • Reducing the portion of snacks
  • At this age, your body will burn 200 fewer calories than in your 30s. It is important to trim down portions of snacks.
  • Increase fibrous food
  • It is recommended to eat high-fiber foods such as whole grains and nuts because high-fiber foods can speed up the digestive system in general and maintain stable blood sugar levels. Hunger will not easily arise because high-fiber foods take longer to digest.
  • Exercise every day
  • It is recommended to do light exercise for one hour every day. If you are too busy, you can work around keeping your body moving, such as carrying a pet walk, taking the stairs while on the move, or walking fast.

How to slimming the body based on age can be a step taken to lose weight and reduce the risk of various diseases associated with excess weight. If you have a special health condition, consult a doctor before taking the steps above.
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