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Myths and Facts Regarding the Benefits of Apple Vinegar

The benefits of apple vinegar have been known for thousands of years in mainland Europe. Apart from up to now there are still many that can not be confirmed scientifically, the use of apple vinegar has been very popular among the people. Apple vinegar itself is made by squeezing fresh apples for its water. The apple water will then be fermented into alcohol after being mixed with bacteria and yeast. The bacteria involved in turning alcohol into vinegar are acetic acid bacteria. When ready to use, apple water will turn brown with a sharp odor.

Myths and Facts Regarding the Benefits of Apple Vinegar

Lose weight
Many people claim that apple vinegar is beneficial for weight loss. Supporting this claim considers apple vinegar to reduce appetite and burn fat. Unfortunately, claims on this matter are still very minimal. It could be said that the benefits of apple cider vinegar for weight loss is a myth.
The fact that actually must watch out for is a very acidic taste and risks giving digestive problems for those who are not accustomed to taking them. Also, apple vinegar can actually irritate the throat, especially if consumed too often and in large quantities.

Make full
A clinical trial was conducted on 12 individuals and concluded that apple vinegar makes them feel full faster. The participants in the clinical trial were asked to eat bread with apple vinegar and only eat bread. As a result, these 12 individuals said that eating apple vinegar and bread made them full faster than when they only ate bread.

Because it is only tested on 12 people, the benefits of apple cider vinegar to make someone fuller can not be used as a handle. Furthermore, further verification is needed by involving more participants to prove this.

Positive benefits for blood sugar and diabetes
Apple vinegar might be useful as blood pressure and diabetes controller. In fact, apple cider vinegar is considered to have an effect similar to those of these two health problems.
Apple vinegar has the benefit of blocking certain types of flour indigestion. Although not entirely, but at least able to prevent some types of flour to be digested so as to prevent an increase in blood sugar levels.

Although these benefits are judged as facts, it's better not to make apple vinegar the top choice. Anyone who wants to control blood sugar levels, it is recommended to focus on a healthy diet instead of relying solely on apple vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar also needs to be watched out for anyone suffering from gastroparesis, aka gastric motility disorder that makes stomach emptying delayed. Even for those who do not have health problems other than diabetes, consulting a doctor is the right step to take for anyone who wants to consume them.

Reduces bad cholesterol
Bad cholesterol can increase a person's risk of several diseases, such as heart disease and hypertension. The acetic acid in apple vinegar is considered able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Unfortunately, this research is still limited to using mice and there are no studies on humans.

Although considered promising, use for these purposes has not been recommended. Further research must be done to prove it. Thus, the benefits of apple cider vinegar to reduce levels of bad cholesterol are still considered myths.

Certain foods or substances are often considered good health. Its existence which is already prevalent in the community helped strengthen the existing assumption. It never hurts to look for valid clinical information or ask your doctor to get certainty.
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