There are Two Ways to Raise Your butt

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There are Two Ways to Raise Your butt. One way to raise the buttocks is through a surgical procedure called gluteoplasty. Another natural way is to have a sport that focuses on the buttock area on a regular basis. Gluteoplasty is a plastic surgery step aimed at correcting the shape of the buttocks. The reasons for this method vary, either because of congenital defects, traumatic injury, or anatomical anatomy disorders. In addition, the enlargement of the butt can also be aimed for the aesthetics of the butt contour.

In gluteoplasty, the butt can be raised by various methods, including inserting gluteal implants into the buttocks, removal of fat into the buttocks or liposculpture, or the contouring of body contouring. Meanwhile, the method of gluteoplasty that aims to correct the disability of the buttocks is called buttocks musculature. This method works to enable a person to walk in balance. It takes a series of checks by a plastic surgeon to determine which gluteoplasty procedure is appropriate for one's condition.

There are Two Ways to Raise Your butt

People who choose gluteoplasty as a way of raising the butt can face some specific risks such as the following.

Complications of medical action.

In general, plastic surgery can invite medical complications, such as having an infection and a nerve injury. In the postoperative period, paresthesia or numbness may occur in the operated area. In addition, there may be uneven contours of the buttocks or asymmetry. What the patient wants with the results of surgery can be different. To minimize such differences, a preoperative consultation is required so that the patient knows what will happen to him when and after the surgery.

Complications of drugs.

Associated with the risk of drug complications, including excessive fluid on the body tissues, the possibility of bleeding, or poisoning. When excessive anesthetic doses, it can cause central nervous system disorders whose symptoms include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tremor, blurred vision, confusion, or disorientation. In addition to surgery, there are other ways to make the buttocks look bigger, the risks are relatively small, that is exercise routine, apply a healthy diet, as well as the use of clothing that accentuates the buttocks.

Routine Exercising

Here are some sports movements that you can do to get your butt to tighten. Do not forget to start these movements with a warm-up for five minutes and end with five minutes of cooling.

  • Lie sideways to the right with your right knee bent 90 degrees. The left leg is perpendicular to your back. Press the top of the buttock with your left hand so your waist tilts forward. Raise your left leg as far as you can without letting your hands off the waist. Then lower the legs. Repeat the movement of the foot as much as 8-10 times. Do also this movement in a position lying sideways to the left.
  • Position the body to sleep on its back with knees bent and heels closer to the buttocks. Make sure the distance between the two feet is as wide as the shoulders and soles of the feet to the floor. Lift your waist and lower it slowly. Repeat this movement 8-10 times.
  • Open both legs as wide as your shoulders and bend your knees as if you are going to sit. Extend hand forward. Lower the butt to your position as if sitting perfectly with thighs that parallel to the floor. Make sure your back is straight, and your view is also straightforward. Lift the butt slowly to return to the starting position. Do this movement 8-10 times.
  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Step forward right forward. Bend your right knee, but not beyond the toes. And bend your left knee, but not to touch the floor. Repeat this movement 8-10 times, then change left foot in front.

A healthy diet

Apply a diet that supports the growth and formation of muscles such as eating foods rich in protein. Protein sources are abundant, among others salmon, tuna, skinless chicken breast, eggs, soybeans, and lean meat that is not processed products. Prioritize always fresh and not processed foods. In addition, when cooking food is recommended not to be fried, but baked or boiled. In addition to protein, vegetables can also help in the formation of the butt muscles. Vegetables help the body digest various minerals and nutrients the body needs. Muscle build up on the buttocks will be limited without the absorption of important compounds such as amino acids. In addition, vegetables can also help keep the body's energy level, so you do not get tired easily when exercising.

Appropriate Apparel

With the right clothing selection, the butt can look bigger and more beautiful. You can wear pants that emphasize the curves of a foot like yoga pants, tights, or jegging (jean leggings). These breeches help the butt up. In addition, high waisted pants or a high waist can also make the butt look bigger. Underwear can also support the outer appearance. Choose underwear that is designed specifically to make the butt look fuller. These pants have a foam pad like a push-up bra. The corset that is worn around the abdomen can also make the butt look larger because the stomach looks smaller.

The amount of a person's bottom is influenced by many things, one of which is the genetic factor or heredity. You may be able to get a better ass and shape of the buttocks by building muscle mass. Keep in mind that raising your butt does not mean you have to gain weight. Applying a healthy and balanced diet and doing a sport that focuses on aerobic movements consistently and progressively is the key to how to raise your butt naturally.

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