Meet Balanced Nutrition with the Dinner Plate Guide

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Just fulfilling hunger, it's not enough. When eating food, balanced nutrition must be considered. Now there is an easier way to do it. To get balanced nutrition, consumption from various different food groups is needed.

How to apply

Generally, a balanced diet is described as a pyramid. However, now a dinner plate guide can be used to fulfill balanced nutrition, as follows:

Meet Balanced Nutrition with the Dinner Plate Guide

  • ½ of the dinner plate consists of vegetables and fruits. Maximize with consumption of various types and colors.
  • ¼ from a plate filled with protein. You can choose fish, chicken or beans. Limit consumption of red meat or processed meat such as sausages.
  • ¼ from the dinner plate filled with whole grains from rice, wheat or pasta. Sugar content from white bread or rice is high, you should be careful for those who have problems with blood sugar.
  • Complete with a little oil, such as olive oil, soybean oil, corn oil, and others. Avoid hydrogenated oils that contain saturated fats.
  • Take water, tea or coffee. Limit milk and derivative products, only about 1-2 times per day, juice about one glass per day and avoid drinks with high sugar content.

Valid for Everyone

It is not difficult to implement a daily dinner plate guide. Although in practice, not every time you eat meets all food groups. Try to consume at least three food groups. Then, the consumption of food groups that have not been fulfilled at the next mealtime.

If you eat mixed foods such as spaghetti, which is equipped with meatballs and vegetables, that doesn't mean you can't meet the dinner plate guide. However, make sure more portions of vegetables and fruit than protein and pasta are served. Also, limit the use of sauces that contain high fat.
Guide to eating dishes to meet balanced nutrition can be applied to everyone, whether you have an ideal weight or are overweight. However, this guide might not be appropriate for children under five years of age, because of their different nutritional needs.
Likewise, for people who have a special diet, consult a doctor or nutritionist before applying the diet.
Active Lifestyle Supported
A healthy lifestyle is not only limited to balanced nutrition. Every food and drink contains calories, calories should be used as energy when on the move. It is important to have an active lifestyle and exercise regularly.
When the body is inactive and calorie consumption exceeds what the body needs, it will be stored as fat. This then can increase body weight.
In addition to avoiding weight gain, exercise and activities can also maintain health, while reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and depression. It is recommended to move and exercise with a moderate level of around 60 minutes per day.
Apply a balanced nutrition diet with a dinner plate guide, equipped with an active lifestyle. Consult a doctor or nutritionist if you have a diet or special health condition, before applying it.

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